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MA in Bilingual/Bicultural Childhood Education (Stream A)

M.A. in Bilingual/Bicultural Childhood Education - Dual Stream A  

40 Points (Minimum)


  1. We do not recommend getting an Internship Certificate after completion of 50% of the program. However, if these are your plans, please see your advisor during the first Fall semester.
  2. In the first Spring semester, students will communicate with the Student Teaching Coordinator regarding initial teaching placement for the coming Fall. 
  3. If you need a classroom placement, you must take Student Teaching for 4 credits.                                      

    Required Courses

    Fall I
    A&HB 4021 
    A&HB 4121
    A&HL 4076
    A&HB 4801-04

    Spring I
    A&HB 4024 
    A&HB 4028
    A&HB 4133
    A&HB 4134

    Fall II 
    C&T 4132
    A&HB 4150
    A&HB 4720

    Spring II
    A&HB 4020
    A&HB 4075
    C&T    4124
    C&T    4726

    HUDK 4022
    Childhood, Culture, Language and Education
    Foundations of Bilingual/Bicultural Education
    Bilingual/Bicultural Curriculum Design: Social Studies 
    TESOL Methodologies for K-6
    Language Workshops in Bilingual Education

    Curriculum for Teaching Bilingual/Bicultural Children        
    Linguistic Foundations of Bilingual/Bicultural Education
    Teaching Literacy in Bilingual Settings
    Curriculum & Methods for Bilingual Ed: Science
    Curriculum & Methods for Bilingual Ed: Math

    Teaching Bilingual Children I
    Learning & Teaching Reading/Writing in the Classroom
    Teacher Inquiry: Bilingual Education
    Student Teaching in Bilingual Institutions

    Teaching Bilingual Children II
    Foundations of Bilingual Special Education
    Cross-Cultural Communication and Classroom Ecology
    Curriculum Development & Instruction in Inclusive Elem. Ed.
    Professional Lab Experience- Student Teaching Elem. School

    Additional Requirement for NY State Certification
    Developmental Psychology: Childhood (or equivalent)

    3 points
    3 points
    3 points
    1 point

    3 points
    3 points
    1-3 points
    1-3 points

    3 points
    1-3 points
    3-4 points

    3 points
    3 points
    3 points
    4 points

    3 points