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MA in Bilingual/Bicultural Childhood Education (Transitional B)

MA in Bilingual/Bicultural Childhood Education - Transitional B (Peace Corps)

33 Points (Minimum)


  1. If you need a classroom placement, you must take Student Teaching for 4 credits. 
  2. Initial certificate students must complete a 50-hour fieldwork. Please check the fieldwork hour requirements.

Required Courses 

Summer I
C&T xxx

All other non-credit
A&HB xxx

Fall I
A&HB 4021
A&HB 4121
A&HB 4801-04

Spring I
A&HB 4024
A&HB 4028
A&HB 4133
A&HB 4134

Fall II
A&HB 4150
A&HB 4720
A&HL 4076 or equiv

Spring II
A&HB 4020
A&HB 4075
Introductory Component 
Literacy Instruction
choose an out-of-program elective
workshops offered by the Peace Corps Fellows Program
Summer Course offering - Varies from year to year

Childhood, Culture, Language and Education
Foundations of Bilingual/Bicultural Education
Bilingual/Bicultural Curriculum Design Elem/Mid Schools
Language Workshops in Bilingual Education

Curriculum for Teaching Bilingual/Bicultural Children
Linguistic Foundations of Bilingual/Bicultural Education
Teaching Literacy in Bilingual Settings
Curriculum & Methods for Bilingual Ed: Science
Curriculum & Methods for Bilingual Ed: Math

Teaching Children
Teacher Inquiry: Bilingual Education
Student Teaching in Bilingual Institutions
TESOL Methodologies for K-6

Teaching Bilingual Children
Foundations of Bilingual Special Education
Cross-Cultural Communication & Classroom Ecology

3 points
2-3 points
0 points
1-3 points

3 points
3 points
1 point

3 points
3 points
1-3 points
1-3 points

1-3 points
3-4 points
3 points

3 points
3 points

Additional Requirement for NY State certification
HUDK 4022             Developmental Psychology: Childhood (or equivalent)        3 points