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About the Department

The Department of Arts & Humanities welcomes you to Teachers College,
Columbia University.

The Department, which encompasses 10 academic programs, views the study of

education as broad and vital. Here, intellectual and creative ideas and
practices extend beyond the traditional concerns of schooling. Thus, each
program shares a concern with the learner¹s construction of knowledge, the
art and methods of teaching, the realities of the contemporary classroom,
the relationship of schools to their communities, and the underlying
philosophies of school reform.

Within the Department, individual programs preserve their own disciplinary

rigor while expanding modes of inquiry, discovery, and creation across
disciplines and diverse societies and cultures. The Department is committed
to understanding education as a broad and varied process—a fundamental human
activity involving various modes of thinking and expression through which
meaning is constructed and historically transmitted.

In each of the programs that prepare teachers for positions in schools and

universities, there is a commitment to the education of reflective
practitioners, the integration of theory and improvement of learning, as
well as research and practice in the students' chosen fields of study.

Faculty share the view that informed, imaginative and critical thinking

enables scholars and educators to actively shape cultural concepts of
learning through education. With this in mind, the programs—both separately
and together—offer students the skills and knowledge needed to thrive and
assume leadership in today¹s changing cultural and educational environment.

We encourage you to explore the Programs that comprise our Department and

our vast array of academic offerings.

Ruth Vinz
Chair, Department of Arts & Humanities