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Recommended Cross-Program Courses

Below are courses within our Department that might be of interest as Electives to non-majors and those from other Departments. For recommendations of courses outside of Arts & Humanities check with your Program.

The decision about which courses you should take must be made in conjunction with your advisor after your advisor reviews your transcript.

Faculty wishing to make additions or changes to this list should contact the department webmaster.

Applied Linguistics

A&HL4000 Introduction to Linguistics
Faculty/Staff. Survey of cognitive and social approaches to the study of language, language acquisition, language systems, 20th century movements in linguistics, language varieties and attitudes, forms and functions of language in the classroom. Special fee: $20
(for non-AL/TESOL students only)

A&HL4001 Sociolinguistics & Education
Professor Beebe and Dr. Waring. Language variation based on social class, race, ethnicity, age, and gender; cross-cultural pragmatics, interactional sociolinguistics, code-switching, language planning, and World Englishes. Pedagogical implications. Materials fee: $25.

A&HL 4104 Discourse analysis

Professor Beebe. Prerequisite: A&HL 4085. Introduction to spoken and written discourse analysis with an overview of various approaches. Development of transcription skills with application of teaching and research. Materials fee:$20.

A&HL4105 Conversation Analysis
An introduction to Conversation Analysis (CA), including its methodological principles, central analytical concepts, and relevance to applied linguistics. Through an in-depth look into exemplary studies on both ordinary conversation and institutional discourse, the goal is to develop not only knowledge /about/ this methodology but also the ability to use CA as an analytical tool in studying naturally occurring talk. Special fee: $20.

History and Education

A&H 4070 History of education in the United States
The development of American education in the context of American social and intellectual history. 3 credits. Dr. Erickson

Philosophy and Education

A&HF4090 Philosophies of education
An introduction to seminal texts, central questions, and rival traditions in philosophy of education. An invitation to develop one's own philosophy of education.

A&HF4092 Education and the aesthetic experience
An invitation to engage with works of art which challenge conventional ways of thinking and perceiving; consideration of the relation of art, imagination, and education. 2/3 credits
Maxine Greene
Instructor’s Approval Required
Students must contact Tanzina Taher for permission via
with 1.  Student ID number 2. Current degree being pursued 3. Professional
and academic background 4. Brief description of why they are interested in
the course 5.  Frequently used phone number and email address.

A&HF4094 School and society
An examination of historical and contemporary conceptions of the relation between schools and society. Consideration of issues in social and political philosophy that bear on the question of why have schools at all.