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Teachers College, Columbia University
Teachers College
Columbia University
Applied Linguistics
Applied Linguistics
in the Department of Arts & Humanities
in the Department of Arts & Humanities

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Arts & Humanities

Teachers College, Columbia University

Welcome to the Applied Linguistics Program

Degrees Offered ◊ Master of Arts (36 points)

The Applied Linguistics Program offers a 36-point Master of Arts degree. Students will take a wide range of courses offered in Applied Linguistics and related areas, such as TESOL, that will provide breadth to their program.

Courses in Applied Linguistics (or TESOL) (24 points):

  • A&HL 4085             Pedagogical English grammar (3)
  • A&HT 4077             TESOL classroom practices (3)
  • A&HL 4087             Introduction to second language acquisition (3)
  • A&HL 4088             Second language assessment (3)
  • A&HL 4101             Phonetics and phonology (3)
  • A&HT 5380 or 5383    Specialized practica for TESOL teachers (3)        

One course from the following:

  • A&HL 4104             Discourse analysis (3)
  • A&HL 4105             Conversation analysis (3)
  • A&HL 4106             Text and textuality (3)
  • A&HL 4001             Sociolinguistics and education (3)

Elective courses in Applied Linguistics (or TESOL) (3-6 points):

Consult an advisor.

Required out-of-program breadth courses (Three TC courses of at least 2 points each, 6 points minimum):

Chosen with advisor’s approval.

In addition to course requirements, students must complete a master’s project written on a research topic arising from their course-related interests and subject to approval by their advisor. This project is normally completed during the last semester of study.