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Teachers College, Columbia University
Teachers College
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Applied Linguistics
Applied Linguistics
in the Department of Arts & Humanities
in the Department of Arts & Humanities

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Arts & Humanities

Teachers College, Columbia University

Welcome to the Applied Linguistics Program

Degrees Offered ◊ Master of Education (60 points)

The Applied Linguistics Program offers an Ed.M. that requires 60 points beyond the bachelor’s degree, with a minimum of 30 points taken under the auspices of Teachers College. The program involves in-depth study in one or more of the language-related areas. The Ed.M. may serve as continued professional development or as groundwork for future doctoral studies in applied linguistics.

Students who did not receive their M.A. from Teachers College will be expected to have completed all the required courses from the M.A. in Applied Linguistics, below, or their equivalent. These “make-up” courses will not count towards the Ed.M.

Required courses in Applied Linguistics (or TESOL)

  • A&HL 5085             Advanced syntax (3)
  • A&HL 5575             Research literacy in applied linguistics and TESOL (3)

Electives in Applied Linguistics (or TESOL) (3 courses from the following):

  • A&HL 4003             Schools of linguistic analysis
  • A&HL 4005             Semantic systems and the lexicon
  • A&HL 4014             Gender, language, and education
  • A&HL 4105             Conversation analysis
  • A&HL 4106             Text and textuality
  • A&HL 5008             Interlanguage analysis
  • A&HT 5199             Advanced topics in TESOL
  • A&HT 5087             Second language acquisition in the classroom (3)
  • A&HL 5512             History of language testing research
  • A&HL 5199             Advanced topics in applied linguistics or language assessment
  • A&HT 5519             Instructed second language acquisition and assessment (3)
  • A&HL 5581             Psycholinguistics and SLA
  • A&HL 5582             Sociolinguistics and SLA
  • A&HL 5588             Trends in SLA research
  • A&HL 6087             Advanced SLA

Required out-of-program breadth courses

(Three Teachers College courses of at least 2 points each, 6 points minimum): In consultation with an advisor, choose one from the following courses in statistics, measurement, or research design:

  • C&T 5502              Introduction to qualitative research in curriculum and teaching (2-3)
  • HUDM 4050            Introduction to measurement (2-3)
  • HUDM 4122            Probability and statistical inference (3)
  • HUDM 5123            Linear models and experimental design (3)
  • ITSF 4092              Qualitative research and evaluation in international education (3)
  • ITSF 5000              Methods of inquiry: Ethnography and participant observation (or ITSF 5001 or 5002) (3)
  • ORLJ 4009             Understanding behavioral research (3)

Choose the other two required courses in consultation with an advisor.

In addition, students must complete an Ed.M. project written on a research topic arising from their course-related interests and subject to approval by their advisor.