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Early Childhood Education
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Early Childhood Education

In the Department of Curriculum & Teaching



The Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) concentration in Early Childhood Policy prepares candidates for leadership positions, college teaching, and research in early childhood policy. The concentration is highly selective, aiming to identify and train individuals whose prior education and experience, whether or not it has been specifically in the field of early childhood, gives promise of the ability to develop modes of inquiry suitable to the field’s complexities. Combining rigorous methodological, conceptual, and practical interdis-ciplinary experiences, the program is designed for those interested in shaping the policy agenda for young children and their families. It is predicated on the principle that undergirding all policy work, candidates must have thorough understandings of both substantive content (early childhood practices, pedagogy, and theory) and research skills. While the focus of this program is on U.S. early childhood policy, there will be opportunity for international and comparative work.

The basic curriculum for Early Childhood Education Policy concentration includes:

Required Departmental Core:
  • C&T 5000         Theory and inquiry in curriculum and teaching (6 points fall and 3 points spring, of the first year)
Required Research Core:
  • C&T 5502         Introduction to qualitative research in curriculum and teaching (3) or
  • HUDF 5645     Policy seminar I (3) 
  • C&T 7500         Dissertation seminar in curriculum and teaching I (3)
  • HUDM 4122     Probability and statistical inference (3)
  • HUDM 5122     Applied regression analysis (3)
Required Early Childhood Policy Concentration:
  • C&T 5513         Seminar in early childhood education I (3)
  • C&T 5514         Seminar in early childhood education II (3) or
  • C&T 6502         Studies in curriculum and teaching (3)
  • HUDF 4000     Education and public policy (3)
  • HUDF 5430        Internship (3)
Other courses are selected in consultation with an advisor.