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Clinical Psychology
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Clinical Psychology
In the Counseling and Clinical Psychology Department

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MA Program Tracks

Students can choose one of two available tracks: The Personality & Psychopathology Track (MA-PsyA) or the General Track (MA-PsyG). The PsyA track is a structured curriculum that consists of pre-selected blocks of coursework to ensure a strong background in the fundamentals of applied psychology. The PsyG track consists of the same course offerings, but allows students to independently tailor their own curriculum. Both the PsyG and PsyA tracks are 36 credits in total.

MA in Psychology in Education: General Track (PsyG) -- 18 Credits

Students in the General Track (PsyG) may have -'a little or a lot' of formal background in psychology. This relatively unstructured track provides students the leeway to choose their curriculum independently. This flexibility may be used to: remain within the CCPX program and explore the wide array of course offerings across categories; to integrate outside program offerings for the creation of an interdisciplinary curriculum (e.g., Human Development); or to concentrate on a topic area of sub-specialty (e.g., SPIRITUALITY; see Concentrations Section).  Students must take caution to craft an adequate program of study with the assistance of a program advisor. Remember, the goal of the PsyG track is to provide students with the opportunity to enhance their overall comprehension of clinical psychology by individualizing their studies. Foundational courses, while not required, should not be skipped unless a student has sufficient and demonstrable competency.

MA in Psychology in Education: Applied Track (PsyA) -- 24 Credits

Students in the Personality & Psychopathology Track (PsyA) may have -'a little or a lot' of formal background in psychology. This structured track provides students with pre-selected blocks of coursework that have been chosen by faculty in order to ensure a strong background in applied psychology. The PsyA track requires a series of core CCPX courses and emphasizes the research methods (see Breadth Requirement) central to any study of clinical psychology. Students are given leeway to select CCPX courses within each category. Only 1-2 electives remain upon completion of the 24 credits. Graduates can be confident they have completed a rigorous curriculum that prepares them for the pursuit of further doctoral training. Students in PsyG who wish to advance further in applied psychology may use PsyA requirements as guidance.