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Clinical Psychology
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Clinical Psychology
In the Counseling and Clinical Psychology Department

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The list below shows frequently-offered classes in the Clinical Psychology MA program. For an updated list of courses being offered in the present semester, download the "Current List of Courses" guide in the Handbook, Forms and Courses section of the MA Current Students tab at right.

CCPX 4000 Introduction to Applied Psychology
This course is designed to provide an introduction to multidisciplinary approaches to mental health including clinical psychology, school psychology, and pediatric psychology.

CCPX 4010 Social Problems for Clinical Psychologists
Psychological perspectives on social problems such as eating disorders, domestic violence, AIDS and HIV infection, and mental health in late life.

CCPX 4030 Psychology of Adjustment
Healthy and pathological adjustment throughout the life span: stress, defense mechanisms, and coping.

CCPX 4032 Assessment and Treatment of Alcohol and Chemical Dependency
Overview of the clinical principles governing assessment and treatment of addictive disorders; stages of addiction; issues of comorbidity; resistances to treatment.

CCPX 4033 Advanced Clinical Interventions with Addicted Patients and Families
Permission required. Prerequisite: CCPX 4032. Focus on developing advanced alcohol-specific intervention techniques, and group and family counseling skills for work with addicted individuals and their families.

CCPX 4035 Personality and Behavior Change
Review of the major theories of personality; mechanisms of behavioral change.

CCPX 4036 Psychology of Human Intimacy
Overview of issues in the fields of interpersonal relationships and sexuality: developmental theories, dating and mating, gender differences and similarities; sexual behaviors and sexual victimization.

CCPX 4037 Introduction to Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)
Overview of the essential principles and techniques of CBT for mood and anxiety disorders.

CCPX 4038 Comparative Psychotherapies
Survey and analysis of representative psychotherapies in current practice: psychoanalytic, neo-Freudian, Gestalt, Jungian, client-centered, existential, behavior therapy, and others.

CCPX 4039 Critical Perspectives on Nontraditional Psychotherapies
Overview and evaluation of nontraditional psychotherapeutic approaches including existential psychotherapy, Eriksonian hypnosis, transpersonal therapy, and Eastern-oriented models.

CCPX 4040 Introduction to Psychological Testing and Assessment
This is an introductory and survey course of the basic principles, theories, issues, and practices in the field of psychological assessment.

CCPX 4060 The Psychology of Loss and Trauma
Focus on how humans cope with significant losses and trauma: historical developments, recent empirical advances, cross-cultural variations, and clinical and social implications.

CCPX 4120 Psychotherapy through Fiction and Film
Psychotherapy, the therapist, and psychopathology as reflected in current fiction and film.

CCPX 4125 Women and Mental Health
Stressors, manifestations, and treatment of psychopathology in women; theories of Klein, Horney, Thompson, and others.

CCPX 4126 The Mother-Child Matrix: Developmental and Clinical Implications
The mother-child relationship: Implications and influence of clinical theory and practice with a focus on theories of parenting and maternal development .

CCPX 4150 Introduction to Forensic Psychology
The practice and application of forensic psychology to medical-legal problems and nomenclature in diagnosis, evaluation, assessment, treatment, and testimony regarding criminal behavior, psychopathology, and civil, family and criminal law.

CCPX 4199 Special Topics:

This includes a rotating list of special topic courses for students to choose from. Past courses include "In the Room," "Emotions and Psychopathology," "Spirituality in Clinical Practice," etc.

CCPX 4230 Fieldwork in Clinical Psychology
Supervised practice in field placements for M.A. students in applied or general psychology.

CCPX 4542 Introduction to Contemporary Psychoanalytic Thought
Examination of current psycho-dynamic ideas, including object relations theory, self psychology, theories of narcissism, borderline pathology, and the nature of the therapeutic relationship.

CCPX 4900 Research and Independent Study

CCPX 5020 Emotion, Culture and Health
This course covers the impact of overwhelming emotions on human health and self-regulatory responses. The role of culture in these responses is explored, as well as historical context and theoretical perspectives.

CCPX 5032 Adult Psychopathology
Major clinical disorders of adulthood viewed from clinical and research perspectives; current issues in diagnosis and treatment. 

CCPX 5033 The Evolution of Freud's Psychological Theories
Intensive examination of selected psychological works of Sigmund Freud from 1892 to 1940, focusing on theoretical innovations, modifications, and elaborations.

CCPX 5034 Child Psychopathology
Major clinical syndromes of childhood and adolescence viewed within the context of normal development. Consideration of various theoretical, diagnostic, etiological, and therapeutic viewpoints.

CCPX 5040 Development and Psychopathology: Atypical Contexts & Populations

Using contemporary research as the basis, the focus is on the interface between classical developmental psychology theories and patterns of development identified in atypical contexts (e.g., poverty) and among atypical populations (e.g., resilient youth). Implications for interventions and policy are also discussed.

CCPX 5045 Psychotherapy, Religious Diversity & Spirituality
This course focuses on the role of religion and spirituality in psychotherapy. Research, theory and case material will be used to clarify healing dimensions of religion and spirituality. Discussion will focus on a re-examination of models of psyche and goals of treatment.  For more information, please visit the following link.

CCPX 5110 Research Apprenticeship
Permission required. Involvement as a research extern in community agencies or as a research assistant to departmental faculty.

CCPX 5532 Clinical Issues: Families from Diverse Backgrounds
Focus on current research on risk and resilience factors developed from within epidemiological, social, and intra-psychic perspectives. Research findings are considered within the context of theories of development.

CCPX 5533-CCPX 5534 Research Methods in Clinical Psychology
Design, methodology, and artifact in research. Development of research proposals. Critical review of journal articles.

CCPX 5544 Cross-cultural Issues in Psychopathology, Resilience and Coping
Examination of pathology and resilience in the context of cultural patterns of coping with developmental life tasks and reactions to stress.

CCPX 5546 Research Perspectives on Critical Social Problems
Exploration of research based upon the interface of social and clinical psychology and development projects. Topics include eating disorders across the lifespan, altruism and mental health, coping with the aftermath of genocide, terror, personal growth in the wake of trauma, and effects of disability on the individual and family.

HUDM 4050 Introduction to Measurement
An introduction to basic concepts and issues in measurement. Descriptive statistics, scales of measurement, norms, reliability, validity. Advantages and limitations of measurement techniques are discussed and illustrated.