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Clinical Psychology
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Clinical Psychology
In the Counseling and Clinical Psychology Department

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Recently Completed Ph.D. Dissertations

Recently Completed Dissertations (Student name/Faculty sponsor in parentheses):

  • Coping with traumatic experiences: An analysis of the health benefits of combining music listening with the expressive writing paradigm (Ben Adams/Barry Farber)
  • Synchronicity awareness intervention: An open trial (Lydia Cho/Lisa Miller)
  • From negative to positive: Do flexible emotion responses predict the course of adjustment during bereavement? (Karin Coifman/George Bonanno) 
  • Personal success versus personal integrity: Implications of mothers' and fathers' perceived values for suburban youths' adjustment (Jason Karageorge/Suniya Luthar)
  • Models of evaluating the clinical significance of depression treatment in developing countries: The case of group interpersonal psychotherapy in rural southwestern Uganda (Jessica Keith/Lena Verdeli)
  • Life satisfaction, religiosity/spirituality, and the relationship with parents in adolescents and young adults (Brien Kelley/Lisa Miller)
  • Ambivalence and adjustment at 4 and 18 months post-loss in a sample of conjugally and parentally bereaved individuals (Joseph Marasia/George Bonanno)
  • Personality traits, family characteristics, and post traumatic stress disorder in a sample if maltreated children (Johari Massey/Lena Verdeli)
  • The relationship of self-disclosure and perceived emotional support to adult well being (Tanya Peters/Barry Farber)
  • A mindfulness workbook for young children: A classroom feasibility trial (Elizabeth Reid/Lisa Miller)
  • Attachment style and patient disclosure in psychotherapy (Erica Saypol/Barry Farber)
  • The ability to flexibly regulate emotional expression: Stability, predictive validity, and the accuracy of self-report (Nicholas Seivert/George Bonanno)
  • Moderators of treatment response in Northern Ugandan adolescents undergoing group interpersonal psychotherapy for depression (Traci Stein/Lena Verdeli)
  • The influences of gender, parenthood and spiritual experiences on depressive symptoms (Shefali Tsabary/Barry Farber)