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Economics and Education
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Economics and Education

In the Department of Education Policy and Social Analysis

Ed.M. Program > Ed.M. Degree Requirements

Ed.M. Degree Requirements

Requirements for the

Ed.M. Program in Economics and Education

(60 points)



Core Requirements

(minimum 12 points)



EDPE 4050 Economics of Education (3)

EDPE 4056 Microeconomics (3)

Statistics: minimum level of competence HUDM 5122*

(Students not prepared for HUDM 5122, may need to take HUDM 4122 beforehand); G6412Econometics II, and G6417Econometrics III (alternatives are subject to the approval of the adviser)






Field Requirements

(minimum 18 points)

Courses within the program:

EDPE 4051 Education and Economic Development (3)

EDPE 4055 Resource Allocation (3)

EDPE 4057 Economics of Urban and Minority Education (3)

EDPE 4058 Economics of Higher Education (3)

ITSF 4060 The Latino population of the United States (3)

EDPE 4097 International Comparative Studies in Ed Finance (3)

EDPE 4155 Education, Privatization and School Choice (3)


Courses outside the program:

Labor Economics: W4400
Ph.D Applied Labor Economics: EDPE 6052 (for advanced students)
G6451-G6452 Economics and Labor I & II (3)

Public Finance:      G6807 Public Finance III (3)



Breadth/Electives Requirements

(minimum 9 points)



Three courses (at least 2 credits each) must be taken outside the program.  Only courses taken at Teachers College will be counted towards the breadth/elective requirement.


Final Requirement



Master's thesis: an integrative project