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Sociology and Education
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Sociology and Education

In the Department of Education Policy and Social Analysis

Degree Information & Requirements > Master of Education (EdM)

Master of Education (EdM)

Sociology Core Courses (12 points) from among the following:

  • EDPS 4000Education and public policy (3) (required for the policy option)
  • HUDK 4011Sociology of online learning (3)
  • EDPS 4021Sociology of education (3)
  • EDPS 4022Sociology of urban education (3)
  • EDPS 4024Social stratification and education (3)
  • EDPS 4027Sociology of classrooms (3)
  • EDPS 4028Sociology of the life course (3)
  • EDPS 4029Sociology of schools (3)
  • HUDK 4031Sociology of evaluation (3)
  • EDPS 4032Gender, difference, and curriculum (3)
  • EDPS 5022Sociological analysis of educational systems (3)
  • HUDK 5621Technology and society (3)
  • EDPS 6525Seminar in sociology of education (3)
  • ITSF 5023The family as educator (3)
  • ITSF 5026The family and television (3)
  • ITSF 5120Education in community settings: Museums (2-3)
  • ITSF 6520Seminar in families and communities as educator (1-3)
  • ORLA 4010Introduction of organizational change theory in education (3)

For the policy option only, the following courses may be taken: 

  • ITSF 5120Education in community settings (3)
  • EDPA 6030Institutional theory: Sociological perspectives on institutional change in education (3)

 Research Methods (9 points):

  • HUDM 4122 Probability and statistical inference (3)
  • HUDM 5122 Applied regression analysis (3)
  • An approved course in qualitative methods (3)

Concentration (9 points):

Courses in Sociology of Education or an additional area of concentration, selected in consultation with an advisor.

For the policy option, the following Policy Sequence replaces the above concentration:

  • EDPS 5645Policy seminar I (3), and
  • EDPS 5646Policy seminar II (3), and
  • An approved content-driven policy course 

Electives (30 points):

Selected in consultation with an advisor from offerings at Teachers College or other schools of Columbia University. 

Culminating Experience (0-3 points):

  • Master’s comprehensive examination, or
  • Master’s essay and EDPS 6021, Social research methods: Reporting (1 point in fall; 2 points in spring)

Breadth Requirement:

To satisfy College requirements, all students must complete a minimum of three Teachers College courses (a course for this purpose is one in which at least 2 points are earned) outside of EDPS.