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Education Policy and Social Analysis
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Education Policy and Social Analysis

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Education and Law Specialization

Concurrent Programs in Education and Law
Program Coordinator:  Dr. Jay Heubert
The Education Leadership Program and Columbia Law School offer courses that prepare students for positions that require knowledge and expertise in education law. There are at present no formal joint-degree programs between Teachers College and Columbia Law School, but students admitted to both schools may be eligible (through ad hoc arrangements) to pursue education and law degrees concurrently.

For further information, contact Professor Jay Heubert: 212.678.3775, jh613@columbia.eduor Professor Michael Rebell at

School Law Institute []
Program Coordinator:  Dr. Jay Heubert
The School Law Institute is a five-day, national professional-education program for educators and attorneys, administered in July by the Center for Educational Outreach and Innovation and held at Columbia Law School. Topics covered include safety and order (search and seizure, child abuse, and the schools’ authority to regulate student and staff conduct); equity issues (affirmative action, harassment, HIV/AIDS, school-finance reform, and issues of poverty and race in education); special education law and policy; standards-based reform and high-stakes testing; confidentiality of student records; legal issues in teacher evaluation; and free speech rights of students and teachers.

Please visit the School Law Institute's Website or for further information contact Program Coordinator, Dr. Jay Heubert:  212.678.3775,