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Communication, Media, and Learning Technologies Design
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Communication, Media, and Learning Technologies Design

Archived Faculty and Student Presentations > 2006-07 Faculty & Student Presentations

2006-07 Faculty & Student Presentations

Papers presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), Chicago, IL, April, 2007.

Andrews, G. A Digital Gaming Divide: Differences in the Game Literacy Practices of Low- and High-Income Students.

Bai, X., Black, J. B., Vikaros, L., Li, D., Vitale, J., Xia, Q., Kang, S., & Kim, S. Learning in one's own Imaginary World.

Chan, M., & Black, J. B. Learning About Systems with Text, Pictures and Learner-controlled Animation.

Crocco, M., Meier, E., & Cramer, J. Gender, Technology and the Social Studies: Outlook for a New Century.

Hah, Y., Lee, S-Y., & Lin, X. How Students' Socio-Cultural Experiences Affect Their Preference for Computer Software.

Huang, J., & Kinzer, C. K. How Does Video Task-based Teaching Change Chinese High School Students' EFL Classroom Interaction?: A Qualitative Study.

Judd, J. Log File Analyses of ICTs.

Kapur, M., & Kinzer, C. K. Sensitivities to Early Exchange in Synchronous Computer-supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) Groups.

Kinzer, C. K., & Curinga, M. STEPS+G: A Framework for Multiple Perspectives to Enrich Latino Students' Academic Writing.

Kinzer, C. K., Lohnes, S., Kapur, M., Kontouvourki, S., Hoffman, D., & Turkay , S. Tracking Engagement: How Pre-service Students Use and Learn From a Complex, Multimedia, Online Case Environment.

Kinzer, C. K., Labbo, L., Lohnes, S., Love, M., & Wilber, D. Looking Back to the Future: Implications for Creating, Implementing, and Researching Multimedia Cases in Pre-service Education.

Lin, X., & Schwartz, D. Humanize Cross-Cultural Collaboration Through Deliberate Self-assessment.

Lin, X. What American Educational Research Can learn from International Research and Practice (Presenter/panelist).

Lohnes, S. Situating the Net Gen: Exploring the Role of Technology in the Social Identity of College Students.

Lowes, S. Online Education's Role in the Schools of Tomorrow. (Presenter/panelist)

Meier, E., Powell, K., & Hollands, F. Preparing Teachers to Teach Mathematics in Inclusion Classrooms: A Multimedia Case Based Approach.

Moeller, B., Dubitsky, B., & Meier, E. Math for All: Using Video Case Studies in Learning to Assess the Strengths and Needs of Diverse Learners.

Natriello, G., Pittinsky, M., Chae, H., & Cocciolo, A. eLearning Systems as Research Platforms: Results from the Networked Education Database (NED) Project.

Orr, M. T., Shore, R., Meier, E., & Berg, B. Putting the Pieces Together: Change Leadership in an Urban, Low-Performing School Environment.

Vasudevan, L. M. Storytelling as a Space for Self-Authoring.

Yan, W., & Lin, X. Exploring Factors Influencing Multiple-Perspective Learning.

Association of Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) Annual International Convention, Dallas, TX, October, 2006.

Lopez-Ortiz, B. I. The Evolution of the Process of Online Collaborative Problem-Based Learning (PBL).

World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Health Care and Higher Education, Honolulu, Hawaii, October, 2006.

Lopez-Ortiz, B. I. A Study of Online Collaborative Problem-Based Learning: Pathways for Further Research, Pathways for Informed Practice. Mentor, D. Media-ting Meaning via Multi-modal Means.

Annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association (AAA), San Jose, CA, November, 2006.

Vasudevan, L. M., Katz, M-L. S., & Pleasants, H. M. Theorizing Methods and representation in Literacy Research across New Media and Technology.

Serious Games Summit: Paper(s) Presented, Washington, DC, November, 2006.

Hillinger, M., & Kinzer, C. K. CO2FX: A Case Study in Integrating Instructional and Game Design.

Papers presented at the National Reading Conference (NRC), Los Angeles, CA, November, 2006.

Hammer, J. Traditional, Collaborative, and Mixed Forms of Authorship: A Comparative Study. Kinzer, C. K., Kapur, M., Lohnes, S., Wilber-Cammack, D., Turkay, S., & Hoffman, D. Assessing Change in Pre-Service Teachers' Knowledge Structure and Elaboration Through Concept Webs and Narrative Assessments. Kinzer, C. K., Lohnes, S., Kapur, M., Hoffman, D., & Kontovourki, S. Paths to Conceptual Change in an Internet-Based, Case Instructional Environment. Kinzer, C. K. Exploring the Acquisition of New Literacies in Technologically-Literate College Students. Kinzer, C. K. Advances in Technology Use for Literacy Educators. Lohnes, S. To IM or Not: Exploring the Contexts of Undergraduates' Literate Engagement With Technology on Campus. Vasudevan, L. M., & Kontovourki, S. From Practice to Performance: Understanding Literacy as Lived, Embodied, and Multimodal.

American Society for Engineering Education Conference, Toms River, NJ, November, 2006.

Hotaling, L., & Lowes, S. Engineering Our Future New Jersey: Middle School Program.

Annual Meeting of the Psychonomics Society, Houston, TX, November, 2006.

Chan, M., & Black, J. B. The Effect of Presentation Format on Mental Model Acquisition.

The 12th Annual Sloan-C International Conference on Asynchronous Learning Networks, Orlando, FL, November, 2006.

Natriello, G., Cocciolo, A., Hughes, B. & Chae, H.S. Creating a Collaborative Knowledge Network as a Foundation for a Distance Learning Community. (Concurrent Session)

North American Congress of Online Learning Virtual School Symposium, Dallas, TX, November, 2006.

Lowes, S. Professional Development for Online Teachers: Trends, Challenges, Opportunities, and Convergences.

Tamkang University and the Research Center for Ubiquitous Web-based Interactive Language Learning: Invited Paper Presentations, Taipei, Taiwan, December, 2006.

Kinzer, C. K. Anchored, Situated Instruction in Teacher Education and Middle-school Literacy Classrooms. Kleifgen, J., & Kinzer, C. K. Implementing STEPS+G to Improve ELL Learners' Academic Writing.

Harvard Graduate School of Education Student Research Conference, Cambridge, MA, February, 2007.

Cocciolo, A. & Chae, H. Investigating Online Communities of Practice in a Web 2.0 Learning Environment.

National Council of Teachers of English Assembly for Research, Nashville, TN, February, 2007.

DeJaynes, T. Embodied, multimodal literacies and incarcerated youth: An ethnographic study of an oral storytelling project. Kinzer, C. K. Embodiment in virtual environments: Exploring literacies, identity, research, and community. Vasudevan, L. Researching literacies as embodied, multimodal performances.

Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE), San Antonio, TX, March, 2007.

Meier, E., & Bowman, J. Teachers, Technology and State Education Policies: Leveraging Change.

Society for Research in Child Development Biennial Meeting, Boston, March 2007.

Gilutz, S., & Black, J. B. Cognitive Development and Experience's Influence on Preschoolers' Learning of Novel Interfaces.

DIGITEL2007: The first IEEE International Workshop on Digital Game and Intelligent Toy Enhanced Learning, Jhongli, Taiwan, March, 2007.

Kuo, M. How does an online game-based learning environment promote students' intrinsic motivation for learning natural science and affect their learning outcomes?

Cognitive Neuroscience Society Annual Meeting, New York, May, 2007.

Sibuma, B., Black, J. B., & Froud, K. Examining the Equivalency of Visual Designs on Face Processing: An Event-Related Potential Study.

The International Conference on e-Learning, New York, June, 2007

Black, J. Imaginary Worlds and eLearning.

The International Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Conference, Rutgers, NY, July, 2007

Kapur, M., Hung, D., Jacobson, M., Voiklis, J., Kinzer, C. K., & Der-Thanq, V. C. Emergence of Learning in Computer-Supported, Large-Scale Collective Dynamics: A Research Agenda. In C. Chinn, G. Erkens, & S. Puntambekar (Eds.).

Second Life Community Conference (SLCC), Chicago, IL, August, 2007

Kinzer, C. K. Exploring virtual education: Possibilities of Virtual Worlds.

Papers presented at the 2007 World Conference, Vancouver, Canada, August, 2007

Han I.S., & Kinzer, C. K. Developing a multimedia case-based learning environment: Teaching technology integration to Korean preservice teachers.

Goldstein, M. & Kinzer, C. K. Does your knowledge affect my knowledge? Assessing the effects of an online social environment on reading comprehension.

Huang, J. & Kinzer, C. K. Friends-based English teaching: An empirical study of how this approach changes Chinese high school students' language learning ideology.