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Communication, Media, and Learning Technologies Design
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Communication, Media, and Learning Technologies Design

Archived Announcements > Announcements - Academic Year 2007 - 2008

Announcements - Academic Year 2007 - 2008

Dr. Frank Moretti, Professor of Communication and Education, was avisiting scholar at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, SouthAmerica from July 14-25, 2008.


CCTE student publishes book of Star Wars parodies


JonathanBresman, a doctoral student in Communication and Education at TeachersCollege, has recently published Mad About Star Wars, a compilation ofclassic Mad Magazine parodies with a forward by George Lucas. Jon iscurrently senior editor at Mad, and has previously worked forLucasfilm. This book, and Jon's previously-publised The Art of StarWars, Episode I - The Phantom Menace can be found on,, and through other sources.

CCTE professor directs feature-length documentary

The Film Society of Lincoln Center screened Dr. Jamsheed Akrami's documentary, The Lost Cinema, in January 2007.

Dr.Akrami has previously taught Cinema as Cross-Cultural Communication,and is teaching MSTU 4012, Film as Art, within the Program forCommunication, Computing and Technology in Education at TeachersCollege.

The Lost Cinema
This feature-length documentary onIranian cinema before the revolution explores the key issues of theIranian New Wave cinema, a film movement that blossomed in the late 60sas a cinema of protest against a film industry dominated by theaesthetically crude, socially uninformed domestic films and excessiveexhibition of popular Hollywood and European imports. Through analyzingselected films and a series of interviews with filmmakers and scholars,U.S.-based film professor Jamsheed Akrami, whose previous documentary,Friendly Persuasion, examined Iranian cinema after the revolution,sheds light on a significant trend of politically themed films made inthe 70s that contributed to the political awareness of the Iranianmiddle class.

Hidden Agenda is aneducational video game development contest sponsored by the nonprofitLiemandt Foundation. This contest has been running annually since 2003and the winning games from previous years have been released online formiddle school children (and everyone else) to play. TheLiemandt Foundation is dedicated to facilitating, testing, andpromoting “stealth education” video games so that they can makelearning fun for kids who might enjoy educational games more thantraditional education.

CCTE students Cheng-Ling Chen, Kuo-Hsun Hung, and Selen Turkay were oneof the five finalist teams selected from more than 20 who participatedin the last competition.  These teams' products and presentationswere judged in Austin, Texas (June 28-29).  Out TC students' game(called Tank-Q), was designed to teach specific physics concepts andwas awarded second place in a very tough competition. Congratulations!