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Announcements > iDesign Lab - Photoshop & Illustrator Workshop

iDesign Lab - Photoshop & Illustrator Workshop

We wanted to share the upcoming iDesign Workshop series for Spring 2013 semester, including the Photoshop and Illustrator workshop offered this Saturday at 12:30pm.
Please see the titles and description of the workshops below, and visit iDesign website ( to register for the workshop.

Feb 23 - Photoshop and Illustrator tips and tricks
This workshop will go over the design platforms’ tools, layers, filters, shapes, fonts, pen tool and more. It will also focus on the tricks of the trade to help you create a better and more efficient design, whether it is to create a cover page in your Power Point presentation or polish up your animated character in flash class.    

March 2 - Introduction to Final Cut
Final Cut is designed for advanced editing of digital video as well as high-definition video. In this one-hour workshop, you will learn the basics and interface of Final Cut Express. Also, how to edit audio and video clips in Final Cut Express, as well as adding titles, music, effects, and transitions, etc.

March 9 - Storyboarding

Storyboarding is a very useful way to conceptualize an instructional design project. In this workshop we will explore the process of building storyboards and using them 
to visualize the sequence of instruction. Artistic skills are not necessary - the emphasis here is on using a storyboard as a tool to help organize your instructional product and make it flow.

April 6 - Rapid E-Learning with Captivate 

If you need to quickly put together an e-learning product, Adobe Captivate can be very useful. This program allows you to create a product with such features as audio, video,
interactivity and testing. In this workshop we will get familiar with the program and see just how quickly you can build an e-learning project.

April 13 - Graphic Design Principles
This workshop will focus on 5 key principles of Graphic design.
1.)  Balance positive and negative space

2.)  Use color consistently

3.)  Use italics sparingly

4.)  Save bright or saturated colors for special uses

5.)  Use depth cues to indicate importance/activity level

These skills can help you with your next flash project or polish up your current Prezi presentation. The workshop will consist of a short PowerPoint presentation along with an activity to follow. 

April 20 - iMovie Help - out Session

With the finals coming along, you might need to do a short video for some class projects. In this iMovie help-out session, our GA will help you with any problems you may encounter in editing videos in iMovie.

[iDesign Open Hours]
Also, iDesign is open to all CCTE students. iDesign GAs will be available during the open hours to assist you with the iDesign equipment and other related questions.

iDesign Open Hours
Monday - Friday: 5pm - 9pm
Saturday: 12pm - 6pm