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Summer Principals Academy NYC
Teachers College, Columbia University
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in New York City

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Suzanne Carothers

Dr. Suzanne C. Carothers is a Professor in The Steinhardt School of Education, Department of Teaching and Learning at New York University. Prior to assuming this position, she was a Professor at The City College of The City University of New York in the Department of Education, the Elementary Education Program. A graduate of Bennett College in Greensboro, North Carolina, she received her Masters Degree from Bank Street College of Education and her Ph.D. from New York University in 1987, and holds an Honorary Doctorate from Bank Street College. As a teacher educator, Dr. Carothers has done extensive professional development with directors of day care centers, principals, teachers, and school leadership teams (SLTs) for more than 30 years. Dr. Carothers was a keynote speaker for the 2010 Empowering Boys Initiative Speakers Series. Suzanne has played a key role in the conceptualization and facilitation of the participatory interactional model developed to engage principals in the New York City Department of Education (Division of Equity and Access) Empowering Boys Initiative Pilot.