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Summer Principals Academy NYC
Teachers College, Columbia University
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in New York City

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Anthony H. Normore

Anthony H. Normore (Tony) holds a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto and an M.A. from Université Laval (Quebec, Canada). He is currently professor in the Graduate School of Education, California Lutheran University where he serves as Program Director of Doctoral Studies, and Department Chair of Educational Leadership. He continues to serve as Associate Faculty at Chapman University. Fluent in both English and French, Tony brings 21 years of experience as a Canadian public school teacher and administrator, and 10+ years as a professor of educational leadership at higher education institutions in large urban settings (e.g., Miami, Los Angeles, New York, and Seoul). His 30+ years of experiences has taken him throughout North America, South Central Asia, Eastern Asia, UK, and South Pacific. His publications, research, conference presentations, teaching, and speaking engagements/keynotes focus predominantly on organizational and leadership development and training in the context of ethics and social justice. Tony is the author of 100+ scholarly publications and has facilitated 150+ conference workshops, and the author of numerous books including forthcoming titles: Foundations of Educational leadership: Developing Excellent and Equitable Schools (Routledge/Taylor & Francis, 2014); What the Social Sciences Tell us about Leadership for Social Justice and Ethics (2013, Information Age Publishing), and Collective Efficacy: An Interdisciplinary Approach to International Leadership Development (2013, Emerald Group Publishing), and Global Perspectives on Educational Leadership Reform: The Development and Preparation of Leaders of Learning and Learners of Leadership (2010, Emerald Group Publishing Limited). Tony coordinates extensive outreach activity. He works to build connections between community organizations, university, and schools and regularly promotes leadership and learning about collaborative partnerships as a means of addressing equity concerns for underrepresented populations. He served on the steering committee in efforts to develop a curriculum to reduce recidivism rates with the Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department. This collaboration resulted in his leadership of the writing and publication process of his co-edited book, Education-Based Incarceration and Recidivism: The Ultimate Social Justice Crime Fighting Tool (Information Age Publishing, 2011). The book embodies the spirit of collaboration by scholars of higher education, consultants, P-12 academic communities, and members of the Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department. A second co-edited book with a partnership focus was published simultaneously: Leadership in education, corrections, and law enforcement: A commitment to ethics, equity, and excellence (Emerald Group Publishing, 2011). He is the lead instructor of values-based leadership seminars to male inmates with the Sheriff’s department. Prior to his work in Los Angeles, Tony was professor of educational leadership at Florida International University (Miami). He was integral to the efforts of the “School Improvement Zone” of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, a massive school turnaround effort that centered on improving education for traditionally underserved populations. He serves on numerous steering committees including: Center for Ethics and Educational Leadership; Center for Equality and Social Justice; Center for Values and Leadership; Leadership and Ethics Institute for Criminal Justice & Training/Police Academy (Golden West College); served on the steering committee for Education Based Incarceration (LA Sheriff’s Department); numerous professional editorial boards; and, Book Series Editor for Advances in Educational Administration (Emerald Group Publishing, UK). For his leadership, outreach, and collaborative efforts, Tony recently received the 2013 “Bridge People Award” with the American Educational Research Association’s “Leadership for Social Justice Special Interest Group.