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Adult Learning and Leadership
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Adult Learning and Leadership

In the Department of Organization & Leadership

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Facilities and Services

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Printing Options:
  • Option 1: The CU Library NINJA System:
    The key to cheap printing is getting an "extended account." An extended account costs $35 for the semester and lets you print 100 pages per week for the entire semester. It is the most cost effective way to print. The only thing is that you cannot use TC printers, you have to go to Columbia campus. These are the steps to signing up:

    1. Go to 234 Horace Mann and sign up for the service. You must have your TC ID number with you. Phone: 212-678-3302
    3. Pay the $35.
    5. Go back to 234 Horace Mann and show them your receipt.
    7. Wait two days, and your account will be active. You can check online to see your quota of pages.
    9. Visit their website for more information or questions:

  • Option 2: The TC Library:
    Currently, the printers work on a card system that uses Flex dollars (which you may already have on your ID). Instructions are available here: note: Plans are currently underway for the TC Library to migrate to the CU NINJA system, so you will be able to use your extended account there as well.
Computing Services

Information on the computing services workshops, locations, and services are available online:

Fitness Center

Teachers College has a recently renovated pool for student use. Additionally, Teachers College students have access to the gym at Columbia University. Information is located at:

International Student Services

Information is located at:


Informational workshops on library structure, library renovations, research skills, and technology is available via the library's website: Teacher College students also have full access to the Columbia University and Barnard College library system.

Office of Access and Services for Individuals with Disabilities

Information is available via the website:

Office of the President for Diversity and Community

Information is available at:

Office of the Registrar

Information is available at:

Student Handbook

Information for new and current students about TC and its policies is available at:

Consumer Information--Policies and Disclosures

The College is required to notify students about where they can find certain information which must be disclosed under federal and state law.  A table of contents of these required disclosures is centrally aggregated on the college's Consumer Information Disclosures webpage We encourage you to scan this page and follow the links to items of interest.