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Alicia Ann Broderick

Professional Background

Educational Background

Scholarly Interests

Selected Publications

            Broderick, A., Mehta, H., & Reid, D. K. (in press).  Differentiating instruction for disabled students in inclusive classrooms.  Theory into Practice (44)3, 194-202.

            Broderick, A., Reid, D. K., & Valle, J. (in press).  Disability studies in education and the practical concerns of teachers.  In S. Danforth & S. Gabel (Eds.), Disability studies in education:  Crucial questions. Peter Lang. 

            Kasa-Hendrickson, C., Broderick, A., & Biklen, D. (in review).  Sorting out speech:  Understanding multiple methods of communication for persons with significant disabilities.  Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities. 

            Broderick, A. & Kasa-Hendrickson, C. (in review).  "I am so much more real than retarded":  Deconstructing assumptions about speech and its relationship to competency.  Equity & Excellence in Education

            Biklen, D., Kasa-Hendrickson, C.; Broderick, A.;  Gambell, J. (producers); & Burke, J. (writer). (2002).  Inside the edge:  A journey to speech through typing.  (video).  SyracuseUniversity.  [Awarded 2002 TASH Vision Award for positive portrayal of individuals with significant disabilities.

            Rubin, S., Biklen, D., Kasa-Hendrickson, C., Kluth, P., Cardinal, D., & Broderick, A. (2001).  Independence, participation, and the meaning of intellectual ability.  Disability & Society, 16(3), p. 413-429.    

            Broderick, A. & Kasa-Hendrickson, C. (2001).  "SAY JUST ONE WORD AT FIRST":  The emergence of intentional speech in a student labeled with autism.  JASH, 26(1), p. 13-24.

            Broderick, A. (2000).  "I am a scientist":  A critical analysis of the New York State Department of Health's clinical practice guidelines for assessment and intervention for young children labeled with autism.  The Communicator,11(2), p. 4-8.      

active professional organizations

The Association for Persons with Severe Handicaps (TASH)

The Autism National Committee (AUTCOM)

The American Educational Research Association (AERA); special interest

group-Disability Studies in Education (DSE)

honors and awards


2005-2006 academic year:  Awarded Faculty Diversity Research Award by Dean's Office, Teachers College. 



May, 2004:  Awarded SyracuseUniversity Dissertation Award

December, 2002:  Short documentary film entitled "Inside the Edge:  A Journey to Using Speech Through Typing"  awarded 2002 TASH Image Award

June, 2002:  Recognized as "Outstanding Young Scholar in Disability Studies in  Education," NationalCollege of Education, National-LewisUniversity and the Professional Development and Research Institute on Blindness, Louisiana TechUniversity


C&T 4123: Curriculum and Instruction in Elementary Education

Permission required. An introduction to teaching, learning, and curriculum in elementary classrooms, including: learning processes, instructional planning, child observation and assessment, classroom management and environments, working in urban, diverse, and inclusive settings, and culture and community. The course emphasizes the relationship between theory and practice, and supports students in the development of self-analytic, reflective, and problem solving skills. Special fee: $100.

C&T 4124: Curriculum development in elementary education

Permission required. Continuation and extension of C&T 4123, with an emphasis on curriculum design issues, standards, and multi-level curriculum development. Students work in teams to develop multi-grade/age curriculum.

C&T 5905: Seminar in learning disabilities and disability studies in education

Permission required. Students work in small groups under guidance on practical problems related to teacher-as-scholar practitioner, teacher-as-classroom researcher, and teacher-as-change agent. Emphasis on ethical practices for diverse learners. Special fee: $25.

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