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Claudia Cohen

Professional Background

Educational Background

University of California, San Diego  
Ph.D. in Social Psychology    
NSF Graduate Fellowship    
Stanford University
B.A. in Psychology   
Summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa

Scholarly Interests

Dr. Cohen interests lie at the intersection of a dynamical systems approach to organizational culture, modeling constructive conflict resolution in mixed-motive contexts and Participatory Action Research on the impacts of mass incarceration.  Her most recent work has focused on philosophies and practices of organizations that work with justice-involved men and women and how they affect individual transformation and change. A case study of a program-focused supportive housing community revealed a surprisingly low level of violent incidents despite the social and criminal histories of residents.  Another study employed a PAR approach to designing and delivering a survey to determine impacts on non-resident clients of their involvement with the organizations.  She has also studied and written about the impact of reflective practices on mediator efficacy.

She has spearheaded a multiyear collaboration with the Fortune Society, a community-based organization that provides services to justice involved individuals.  She and a team of students and researchers developed toolkits for Fortune on both their unique hiring and development practices and the NIMBY challenge for siting housing for justice-involved individuals. They presented their collaborative work at the 2014 International Society for Justice Research conference in NYC, an event co-sponsored by the MD-ICCCR as well as at a Critical PAR Institute sponsored by the CUNY Graduate Center.

Selected Publications

Her most recent publications include a chapter in the 3rd edition of the Handbook of Conflict Resolution (Coleman, Deutsch & Marcus, 2014) with a collaborative case study of the culture on nonviolence and resilience in a supportive housing program for formerly incarcerated individuals (with Neshkes, Pryce-Screen, Hernandez, Linder and Doherty-Baker) and an article on mediator style and self and other perception perceptions of efficacy in the Conflict Resolution Quarterly (with Kressel, Butts and Reich, 2013), also summarized in Negotiation Journal.

biographical information

professional organization membership

  • International Association for Conflict Management
  • Association for Conflict Resolution
  • Association for Conflict Resolution: NYC;
  • American Psychological Association
  • International Society for Justice Research

professional presentations

Cohen, C.E.   Principles of Construct Conflict Resolution… and Being the “Peace” You Want to See in the World.  Invited Presentation St. John’s  University ,  April 25, 2013.

Cohen, C.E.    Participant; Psychology without Borders:  Providing Hope and Healing in the Face of Adversity,  In Invited Panel;  Teachers College,  April 13, 2013.

Cohen, C.E.   Looking for “Truth” in all the Wrong Places:  Why the Academy Needs Practice to Create Knowledge with Relevance and Impact.  POV Conference on Practice in the Academy, The School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University.  April 20, 2012

Cohen, C.E. & Denny, J.  (Session Convenors)   Sharing  ‘Trade Secrets’:  Tips and Techniques from Cross-Section Colleagues.  Association for Conflict Resolution,  10th  Annual Conference.
Chicago, IL   September 3, 2010

Cohen, C.E.  (Session Convenor)  With   D. Della Noce, K. Kressel   and J. Wall.  Mediator Stylistic Behavior, Competence and the Outcomes of Mediation: Turn Up the Light, Turn Down the Heat.  International Association for Conflict Management, 23rd Annual Meeting.  Boston, MA.  June 26, 2010.

ORLJ 5148: Managing conflicts in organizations

This course investigates how conflicts unfold in organizational settings, and explores the causes, influencing factors and strategies for managing these conflicts.

Centers and Projects

International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution