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Frank Golom

Professional Background

Educational Background

Ph.D., Teachers College, Columbia University
M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University
B.A., Loyola University Maryland

Scholarly Interests

Diversity and demography issues in group and organizational contexts
Organization change, development and resistance
Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues in psychology
University teaching and learning

Selected Publications

Diversity and demography issues in organizations

Perry, E. L., Dokko, G., & Golom, F. D. (2011). The aging worker and person-environment fit. In J. W. Hedge and W. C. Borman (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Work and Aging. Oxford University Press (in press). 

Perry, E. L., Kulik, C. T., Bustamante, J., & Golom, F. D. (2010). The impact of reason for training on the relationship between best practices' and sexual harassment training effectiveness. Human Resource Development Quarterly, 21(2), 187-207.      

LGBT issues in psychology

Golom, F. D. & Mohr, J.J. (2011). Turn it off! The effects of exposure to male-male homoerotic imagery on heterosexuals' attitudes toward gay men. Journal of Sex Research, 48(6), 580-589.

Cramer, R. J., Golom, F. D., LoPresto, C. T. & Kirkley, S. (2008). Weighing the evidence: Empirical assessment and ethical implications of conversion therapy. Ethics and Behavior, 18(1), 93-114.  

ORLJ 4009: Understanding behavioral research

Overview of alternative methods of behavioral research and their relative strengths and limitations. Application of methodological principles in order to read and evaluate social science research and learn how to begin to conduct research.

Centers and Projects

Executive Education Programs in Change and Consultation