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Joseph T Ciccolo

Professional Background

Educational Background

B.S., Northeastern University (Exercise Physiology)
M.A., The University of Texas at Austin (Exercise Physiology)
Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin (Exercise Psychology)
Postdoctoral Fellow, Brown Medical School (Behavioral Medicine)

Scholarly Interests

Biobehavioral aspects of exercise, with a specific focus on resistance training. Using resistance training as a treatment for chronic disease: addiction, mental illness, HIV. The interaction between physiological and psychological responses to exercise.

Selected Publications

principal publications

Ciccolo JT, Williams DM, Dunsiger SI, Whitworth JW, McCullough AK, Bock BC, Marcus BH, Myerson M. (in press). Efficacy of resistance training as an aid to smoking cessation: rationale and design of the Strength To Quit study. Mental Health and Physical Activity.

Ciccolo JT, Busch AM. (in press). Behavioral interventions to enhance smoking cessation: a summary of the current evidence. American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine.

Ciccolo JT, Kraemer WJ. (Co-Editors). Resistance Training for the Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Disease (2013). Taylor Francis Publications.

Whiteley JA, Williams DM, Dunsiger SI, Jennings EG, Ciccolo JT, Bock BC, Albrecht A, Parisi A, Linke SE, Marcus BH. (2012). Outcomes from the randomized trial of Commit to Quit in the YMCAs. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 43, 256-262.

Ciccolo JT, Dunsiger SI, Williams DM, Bartholomew JB, Jennings EG, Ussher M, Kraemer WJ, Marcus BH. (2011). Resistance training as an aid to standard smoking cessation treatment: A pilot study. Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 13, 756-760.


Ciccolo JT, Pettee KK, Macera CA, Ainsworth BA. (2010). Association between self-reported resistance training and self-rated health. Journal of Physical Activity and Health, 7, 289-298.


Ciccolo JT, Carr LJ, Krupel KL, Longval JL. (2010). The role of resistance training for the prevention and treatment of chronic disease. American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, 4, 293-308.


Williams DM, Dunsiger S, Ciccolo JT, Lewis BA, Albrecht AE, Marcus BH. (2008). Acute affective response to a moderate-intensity exercise stimulus predicts physical activity participation 6 and 12 months later. Psychology of Sport & Exercise, 9, 241-245.


Bartholomew JB, Morrison D, Ciccolo JT. (2005). Effects of acute exercise on mood and well-being in patients with Major Depressive Disorder. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 37, 2032-2037.


Ciccolo JT, Jowers EM, Bartholomew JB. (2004). The benefits of exercise training for quality of life in HIV/AIDS in the post-HAART era: review and recommendations. Sports Medicine, 34, 487-499.


BBSR 4070: Introduction to the psycho-social study of human movement

A general overview of knowledge and theory pertaining to the psychosocial dynamics of behavior in sports and dance.

BBSR 5595: Research seminar in applied physiology

M.A. students carrying out research-culminating projects enroll in this course near the end of their course of study to discuss and present their projects. Ed.M. and doctoral students enroll at least once in connection with each research project they complete.

BBSR 7500: Dissertation seminar in movement science and education

Permission required. Candidate develops proposal for doctoral dissertation in consultation with advisor. Seminar convenes only on days when candidates present proposals for approval.