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Kathleen Marie Youse

Professional Background

Educational Background

2005 Ph.D. University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT Communication Sciences
1998 M.A. Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK Speech
1995 B.A. Rutgers University, Camden, NJ English – Magna cum Laude
1993 A.A. Camden County College, Camden, NJ Liberal Arts

Scholarly Interests

Research Interests
Assessment and rehabilitation of neurogenic communication disorders in adults; cognitive bases for discourse deficits; attention and working memory deficits following acquired brain injury; auditory-visual speech perception following aphasia

Selected Publications

Book Chapters

Coelho, C.A. & Youse, K.M., Tyler, E. (in press). Assessment and management of traumatic brain injury. In A.F. Johnson and B.H. Jacobson (Eds.), Medical speech-language pathology: A practitioner’s guide (3rd ed). New York: Thieme.

Coelho, C.A. & Youse, K.M. (2007). Cognitive-communicative rehabilitation. In A.F. Johnson and B.H. Jacobson (Eds.), Medical speech-language pathology: A practitioner’s guide (2nd ed., pp. 71-93). New York: Thieme.

Published Abstracts (Peer Reviewed)

Youse, K.M. (2009). Conversational discourse following closed head injury: A preliminary investigation into attention training and conversation analysis procedures [Abstract]. Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation, 24, 393.

Journal Articles (Peer Reviewed)

Youse, K.M., Gathof, M., Fields, R.D., Lobianco T.F., Bush, H.M., Noffsinger, J.T (2011). Conversational discourse analysis procedures: A comparison of two paradigms. Aphasiology, 25, 106-118.

Youse, K.M. & Coelho, C.A. (2009). Treating underlying attention deficits as a means for improving conversational discourse in individuals with closed head injury. NeuroRehabilitation, 24, 355-364.

Wilcox, J., Davis, A. & Youse, K.M. (2005). CAC classics: Speech act analysis of aphasic communication in individual and group settings. Aphasiology, 19, 683-690.

Youse, K.M. & Coelho, C.A. (2005). Working memory and discourse production abilities following closed head injury. Brain Injury, 19, 1001-1009.

Youse, K.M., Coelho, C.A., Mozeiko, J.L., & Feinn, R. (2005). Discourse characteristics of closed head injured and non-brain injured adults misclassified by discriminant function analyses. Aphasiology, 19, 297-313.

Youse, K.M., Cienkowski, K.M., & Coelho, C.A. (2004). Auditory-visual speech perception in an adult with aphasia. Brain Injury, 18, 825-834.

Coelho, C.A., Youse, K.M., Le, K.N., & Feinn, R. (2003). Narrative and conversational discourse of adults with closed head injuries and non-brain-injured adults: A discriminant analysis. Aphasiology, 17, 499-510.

Coelho, C.A., Youse, K.M., & Le, K.N. (2002). Conversational discourse in closed head injured and non-brain-injured adults. Aphasiology, 16, 659-672.

Youse, K.M., Stout, C.E., & Bosworth, K.E. (2001). Cohesion in discourse of college and non- college educated adults: Implications for young adults with brain injury. Advances in Speech-Language Pathology, 3, 97-107.

Invited Publications (Peer-Reviewed)

Youse, K.M. (2008). Medications that exacerbate or induce cognitive-communication deficits. Perspectives on Neurophysiology and Neurogenic Speech and Language Disorders, 18, 137-143.

Cannizzaro, M.S., Coelho, C.A., & Youse, K.M. (2002). Treatment of discourse deficits following TBI. Perspectives on Neurophysiology and Neurogenic Speech and Language Disorders, 12, 14-18.

Miscellaneous Publications

Youse, K.M. (2006). Committee corner: Evidence-based practice. ASHA Special Interest Division 2, Neurophysiology and Neurogenic Speech and Language Disorders Newsletter, 16(2), 22.

Youse, K.M. (2005). Attentional deficits and conversational discourse in closed head injury. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Connecticut, Storrs.

Youse, K.M., Le, K.N., Cannizzaro, M.S., & Coelho, C.A. (2002). Traumatic brain injury: A primer for professionals. The ASHA Leader, 7(12), 4-7.

Youse, K.M. (1998). Cohesion in written discourse in normal and brain-injured adults. Unpublished master’s thesis, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater.

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