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Lisa Ruth Wright

Professional Background

Educational Background

Scholarly Interests

Selected Publications

C&T 4023: Differentiated curriculum for gifted students

This course examines the characteristics of appropriate and defensible curriculum for gifted children and youth. Particular emphasis is placed on instructional strategies, curriculum theories, flexible grouping techniques, and meeting the needs of gifted learning in the regular classroom.

C&T 4025: Educating young potentially gifted children

Examination of theories and practices relevant to the education of the young (preschool through second grade) potentially gifted child with particular focus on talent development, differentiated curriculum, nontraditional identification techniques, at-risk children, and parent education.

C&T 4702: Student teaching-giftedness

Observation and student teaching. Permission required. Course requires 3-5 days a week for participation in community, school, and agency programs and a weekly seminar on campus.

C&T 5302: Advanced practicum-giftedness

Permission required. Guided experiences for advanced students in Giftedness. Supervised group field visits. Initial internships arranged. Students submit reports analyzing experiences.

Centers and Projects

The Hollingworth Center OLD