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Michael A. Rebell

Professional Background

Educational Background

  • A.B., Harvard College
  • LL.B., Yale Law School

Scholarly Interests

  • Equity in Education
  • Role of the Courts in Institutional Reform Litigations
  • Social Reform
  • Comprehensive Educational Opportunity ( "Whole child" services for students from poverty backgrounds

Selected Publications

  •  Courts and Kids: Pursuing Educational Equity Through the State Courts ( U of Chicago Press, 2009)
  •  NCLB at the Crossroads: Reexamining the Federal Effort to Close the Achievement  Gap      ( with Jessica R.    Wolff ( Teachers College Press, 2009)
  •  Moving Every Child Ahead: From NCLB Hype to Meaningful Educational Opportunity    ( with Jessica  R.  Wolff) ( Teachers College Press, 2008)
  •    Equality and Education (with Arthur R. Block), Princeton University Press, 1985.
  •    Educational Policy Making and the Courts: An Empirical Study of judicial ACTIVISM (with    Arthur R. Block), University of Chicago Press, 1982.

  • Safeguarding the Right to Sound Basic Education in Times of Fiscal Constraint, 75 Albany Law Review ( 2012)
  • The Right to Comprehensive Educational opportunity, 47 Harvard Civil rights-Civil Liberties Law Review  49 (2012)

  •  Educational Opportunity Is Achievable and Affordable, Phi Delta Kappan, Volume  93, Issue 6,  pp 62-65,(March,  2012)( with Jessica R. Wolff).
  • When Schools Depend on Handouts, N.Y Times, Op-Ed, August 26, 2011 ( with Jessica R. Wolff).
  •  Forum: Many Schools are Still Inadequate, Now What?, Education Next, Volume 9, No. 4, Fall 2009  with Eric Hanushek and Alfred Lindseth
  •  Equal opportunity and the Courts, PHI DELTA KAPPAN, Volume 89, Number 6, 432-439 ( 2008).
  • Poverty, Meaningful Educational Opportunity and the Necessary Role of the Courts,85 North Carolina Law Review 102  (2007).
  • Professional Rigor, Public Engagement and Judicial Review: A Proposal For Enhancing The Validity of Education Adequacy Studies, TEACHERS COLLEGE RECORD Volume 109, Number 6, (2007)
  • Adequacy Litigations: A New Path to Equity in Janice Petrovich and Amy Stuart Wells, eds., BRINGING EQUITY BACK: RESEARCH FOR A NEW ERA IN AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL POLICY (Teachers College Press, 2005)
  • Education Adequacy, Democracy and the Courts in Christopher Edley, Timothy Ready and Catherine Snow, eds., ACHIEVING HIGH EDUCATIONAL STANDARDS FOR ALL  ( National Academy Press, 2002).

principal publications

office hours

 Wednesdays  2-4 and by appointment.
Office: Suite 1373, Interchurch Bldg, 120th and Claremeont Ave.

Documents & Papers

ORLA 4501, Fall 2010, Professor Michael A. Rebell

Download: Comprehensive Educational Opportunity: Exploring Policy and Leadership for the Whole Child Approach [Image]

Michael A. Rebell appeared in the following articles:

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Three with TC Ties Named to New NY Education Reform Commission (5/2/2012)

Michael Rebell's "The Right to Comprehensive Educational Opportunity" is Published by the Harvard Civil Rights - Civil Liberties Law Review (4/4/2012 3:12:00 PM)

On NY1's Inside City Hall, TC's Michael Rebell Says State Still Delinquent in Court-Ordered Payments to Public Schools (1/25/2012)

Rebell, Wolff: "America does not have a general education crisis; we have a poverty crisis." (1/19/2012)

GothamSchools reports that Campaign's Comprehensive Plan Tries Persuasion Instead of Litigation (10/13/2011)

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Thinking Big About How to Close the Gap (11/25/2008 3:49:00 PM)

Thinking Big About How to Close the Gap (11/25/2008)

November Calender of events (11/1/2008)

Symposium Asks: Can School Equity Be Created Without First Overcoming the Effects of Poverty? (10/14/2008)

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City looks to implement middle school application process (1/25/2007)

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The Campaign's Executive Director to Call for Research-Driven Approach to Fixing No Child Left Behind Act (3/28/2006)

Legislature told to provide NYC schools billions in new funds by April 1 (3/25/2006)

Legislature told to provide NYC schools billions in new funds by April 1 (3/24/2006 2:34:00 PM)

Rebell Faces Off with Hoover Fellow over Costing-Out Studies in School Finance Cases (3/21/2006)

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Champion of School Funding to Speak at New York State League of Women Voters Symposium (1/27/2006)

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Pataki's $2 Billion Budget Surplus Highlights Failure to Deliver Court-Mandated School Funds (1/4/2006)

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Cost of Inadequate Education to Society Is Hundreds of Billions of Dollars, Researchers Say (10/24/2005)

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Equity Symposium to Present Research (9/14/2005)

Levine and Rangel Call for Better Teachers in Struggling Schools (9/7/2005)

Representative Charles Rangel and Teachers College President Arthur Levine Join Forces to Call for Greater Incentives to Improve Teacher Quality in New York City's Most Challenging Schools (7/24/2005)

Rebell to Lead Campaign for Educational Equity (6/13/2005)

Michael Rebell to Lead Campaign for Educational Equity at Teachers College (6/9/2005)

Commencement 2005: The Medalists (6/7/2005)

A Campaign for Equity: Across the State (5/27/2005)

A Line Up of Champions (4/29/2005)

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