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Mahbobe Y. Ghods

Professional Background

Educational Background

Scholarly Interests

Selected Publications

A&HA 4061: Printmaking Processes

A basic course in printmaking for the beginning student. Each semester focuses on one topic of the following: Silkscreen, Japanese Woodblock or Lithography. Group and individual instruction to enhance the skills and aesthetic perception of each student. Special fee: $100. Noncredit fee: $660 plus special fee.

A&HA 4062: Printmaking: Etching I

Designed to introduce the beginner to the intaglio process (hard and softground etching, etc.). Group and individual instruction to help students acquire printmaking skills and discover their artistic capabilities. Special fee: $100. Noncredit fee: $600 plus special fee.

A&HA 5064: Experiments in content

An examination of new technologies, materials, concepts, attitudes, both in their current forms as well as future applications. Participants will investigate a personal topic through field experience, hands-on demonstration, observation, readings and lectures. The topic focuses for the course will be drawn from art and design/studio/research/ psychology/teaching. Special fee: $30.

A&HA 6905: Studio work in art and education: Printmaking

Permission of instructor required. Enrollment limited. For advanced independent study. Noncredit for majors only. Special fee: $100.