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Sheridan Blau

Professional Background

Educational Background

Scholarly Interests

The Teaching and Learning of Literature
The Teaching and Learning of Composition
Seventeenth Century British Literature
Student Development in Academic Discourse
The Professional Development of Teachers of English
The Disciplinary History and Practice of English Education

Selected Publications

Representative Publications:

"Milton's Salvational Aesthetic." Journal of Religion, 1966.

"The Poet as Casuist:Herbert's 'Church Porch,'" Genre,   Vol. IV, No. 2, 1971.

"Reflections on True and False Knowledge: A Homily for English Teachers." Journal of English Teaching Techniques, 1981.

"Literacy as a Form of Courage." Journal of Reading, 1981.

"Invisible Writing: Investigating Cognitive Processes in Composition." College Composition and Communication, 1983.

"Contexts for Competence in Composition." The Quarterly, October, 1987.
"Teacher Development and the Revolution in Teaching," English Journal, April 1988
"Thinking and the Liberation of Attention: The Uses of Free and Invisible Writing." Chapter in Nothing Begins with an N: Freewriting Reconsidered. Pat Belanoff, Peter Elbow, and Sheryl Fontaine, eds. Southern Illinois University Press, 1990.

"Transactions Between Theory and Practice in the Teaching of Literature." Chapter in Literature Instruction: Practice and Policy. James Flood and Judith Langer, eds. Scholastic Press: Leadership, Policy, and Research series, 1994.

"Toward the Separation of School and State." Language Arts, Vol. 75, February, 1998.

“Politics and the English Language Arts.” Chapter in The Fate of Progressive Language Policies and Practices. C. Dudley-Marling & C. Edelsky, eds. NCTE, 2001.

The Literature Workshop: Teaching Texts and Their Readers. Heinemann, 2003.

“College Writing, Academic Literacy, and the Intellectual Community: California Dreams and Cultural Oppositions.” Chapter in What is College Level Writing. P. Sullivan and H. Tinberg, eds.  NCTE 2006.

“Believing and Doubting as Hermeneutic Method: Reading and Teaching Paradise Lost.” Journal of the Assembly for Advanced Perspectives on Learning. Forthcoming, 2010. 

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A&HE 4051: Critical Approaches to Literature

Literary selections are examined through various critical frameworks emphasizing the way texts are constructed and how readers negotiate meaning with texts. Special fee required.

A&HE 5514: Literature and Literary Study

This course is an advanced seminar in literature and in critical theory as it relates to the reading, writing, and teaching of literature. May include an intensive study of a particular literary text, author, genre, or period. Special fee required.