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Susan Garni Masullo

Professional Background

Educational Background

B.A., Thomas More College, Fordham University; M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University; Ph.D., Fordham University

Scholarly Interests

Reading assessment and intervention. Adult literacy; vocational and workplace literacy.  Learning disabilities.

Selected Publications

HBSK 4072: Theory and Techniques of Assessment and Intervention in Reading

Provides an overview of theories and research pertaining to reading acquisition and assessment and intervention techniques for reading across the lifespan.  Content is organized according to four major themes: the psychology of reading development, language structures, assessment, and intervention.  Materials fee: $25.

HBSK 5377: Practicum in literacy assessment and intervention III

Prerequisites:  HBSK 4072, HBSK 5376 with grade of B+ or better.  This course is the third of three practica that prepare students to assess and remediate literacy difficulties. HBSK 5377 utilizes an independent learning model in which the student works to assess and tutor a small group of individuals in a school setting.  The focus in this practicum is on differentiating instruction for students who are reading and writing below grade-level expectations.  Students work collaboratively with classroom teachers and other school personnel while continuing to adhere to professional and ethical guidelines and standards in their assessment, teaching and preparation of documentation and reports. Materials fee:  $100.

HBSK 5580: Seminar in consultation and evaluation in reading

The purpose of this seminar is to consider the implications of recent research in literacy assessment and intervention for the consultation, evaluation and professional development roles of Reading and Learning Specialists and Coaches.  Materials Fee:  $50.

Documents & Papers


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