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Teachers College, Columbia University, is the oldest and largest graduate school of education in the United States.


Through its four core areas of expertise - health, education, leadership, and psychology - Teachers College prepares educators, psychologists, policy makers and planners for the challenges they will face in their careers.

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There are a variety of student services and organizations at TC designed to support students’ programs of study, provide professional development opportunities, foster community and celebrate diversity.

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TC’s future is about students. They will contribute to the education, prosperity and well-being of individuals and communities throughout the world.

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With approximately 90,000 alumni worldwide, it is our goal to reconnect Teachers College to each and every one of its alumni.
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Programs and Areas of Interest

Scroll down for your program or use the filters to the right to help narrow down the choices.


Adult Learning and Leadership (Organization & Leadership)

Anthropology (International & Transcultural Studies)

Applied Anthropology (International Transcultural Studies)

Applied Behavior Analysis (Health and Behavior Studies)

Applied Development and Learning Psychology (Health and Behavior Studies)

Applied Linguistics (Arts and Humanities)

Applied Exercise Physiology (Biobehavioral Sciences)

Applied Statistics (Human Development)

Art and Art Education (Arts and Humanities)

Arts Administration (Arts and Humanities)

Audiology (Biobehavioral Science)

Autism (Health and Behavior Studies)

Bilingual/Bicultural Education (Arts and Humanities)

Clinical Psychology (Counseling & Clinical Psychology)

Cognitive Studies in Education (Human Development)

Communication (Mathematics, Science and Technology)

Communication and Education (Mathematics, Science and Technology)

Communication, Media and Learning Technologies Design (Mathematics, Science & Technology)

Computing in Education (Mathematics, Science and Technology)

Conflict Resolution (Other Areas of Interest)

Continuing Professional Studies (Continuing and Professional Studies)

Counseling Psychology (Counseling & Clinical Psychology)

Curriculum and Teaching (Curriculum & Teaching)

Deaf and Hard of Hearing (Health and Behavior Studies)

Diabetes Education and Management (Health & Behavior Studies)

Early Childhood Education (Curriculum & Teaching)

Early Childhood Special Education (Curriculum & Teaching)

Economics and Education (Education Policy & Social Analysis)

Education Leadership (Organization & Leadership)

Education Policy (Education Policy & Social Analysis)

Elementary Inclusive Education (Curriculum & Teaching)

English Education (Arts and Humanities)

Executive Program for Nurses (Organization & Leadership)

Family and Community Education (International and Transcultural Studies)

General Offerings (Other Areas of Interest)

Gifted Education (Curriculum & Teaching)

Guidance and Rehabilitation (Health and Behavior Studies)

Health Education (Health & Behavior Studies)

Higher and Postsecondary Education (Organization & Leadership)

History and Education (Arts and Humanities)

Instructional Technology and Media (Mathematics, Science and Technology)

Intellectual Disability/Autism (Health and Behavior Studies)

Interdisciplinary Studies in Education (Other Areas of Interest)

International and Comparative Education (International & Transcultural Studies)

Kinesiology (Biobehavioral Sciences)

Law and Educational Institutions (Educational Policy and Social Analysis)

Literacy Specialist (Curriculum & Teaching)

Mathematics Education (Mathematics, Science & Technology)

Measurement and Evaluation (Human Development)

Media Technology Specialist (Mathematics, Science and Technology)

Motor Learning And Control (Biobehavioral Sciences)

Movement Science and Education (Biobehavioral Science)

Music and Music Education (Arts and Humanities)

Neuroscience and Education (Biobehavioral Science)

Nursing Education (Health & Behavior Studies)

Nutrition (Health & Behavior Studies)

Nutrition and Exercise Physiology (Health & Behavior Studies)

Occupational Therapy (Biobehavioral Science)

Online Masters in Computing in Education (Mathematics, Science & Technology)

Philosophy and Education (Arts and Humanities)

Physical Disabilities (Health and Behavior Studies)

Physical Education (Biobehavioral Sciences)

Politics and Education (Education Policy & Social Analysis)

Private School Leadership (Organization and Leadership)

Psychological Counseling (Counseling & Clinical Psychology)

Psychology in Education (Counseling & Clinical Psychology)

Reading Specialist (Health & Behavior Studies)

School Psychology (Health & Behavior Studies)

Science Education (Mathematics, Science & Technology)

Secondary Inclusive Education (Curriculum & Teaching)

Severe or Multiple Disabilities (Health and Behavior Studies)

Social-Organizational Psychology (Organization & Leadership)

Sociology and Education (Education Policy & Social Analysis)

Speech and Language Pathology (Biobehavioral Science)

Summer Principals Academy NYC and NOLA (Organization and Leadership)

Teaching of Social Studies (Arts and Humanities)

Technology Specialist K-12 Initial Certification (Mathematics, Science & Technology)

Urban Education (Other Areas of Interest)

Urban Education Leaders Program (Other Areas of Interest)