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Teachers College, Columbia University, is the oldest and largest graduate school of education in the United States.


Through its four core areas of expertise - health, education, leadership, and psychology - Teachers College prepares educators, psychologists, policy makers and planners for the challenges they will face in their careers.

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TC’s future is about students. They will contribute to the education, prosperity and well-being of individuals and communities throughout the world.

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With approximately 90,000 alumni worldwide, it is our goal to reconnect Teachers College to each and every one of its alumni.
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Research @ TC

More than any other research institution of its kind, TC has led the way in increasing understanding of how people of all ages learn in all disciplines, how best to teach them what they need to know, and how to transform our findings into actual curricula in classrooms and other settings. Some of these high-impact researchers are: 

  • Designing advanced mathematics education for very young children
  • Providing diabetes education for health care professionals who help patients manage their disease
  • Educating high school and college students about the national debt, the federal budget deficit, and other issues related to fiscal responsibility
  • Training top executives at corporations and non-profits to lead their organizations through major and often volatile change
  • Bringing elementary school teachers—including those who have had no formal science preparation—up to speed in both science content and pedagogy
  • Educating elementary and middle school students—an age group among whom obesity has been growing at an alarming rate—to change their behaviors around nutrition and fitness
  • Creating new paradigms in the teaching of Chinese to speakers of other languages
  • Using science-based teaching to enable thousands of children diagnosed with autism and other language deficits to speak and function in mainstream schools