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Learning Laboratory: Modeling Preschool Education

Presented by Heather Pinedo-Burns (MA ’05), Director of Hollingworth Preschool; Elizabeth Carlson (MA ’94), Lead Teacher at Hollingworth Preschool; and Marisa Chin-Calubaquib, TC Doctoral candidate, Lead Teacher at Hollingworth Preschool

In the tradition of Lab Schools, TC’s Hollingworth Preschool leads the way for Preschool Education in the 21st Century. Early childhood education remains at the forefront of education reform. Adding to this discourse, the mission of Hollingworth Preschool is dual: to provide child-responsive early childhood education and to offer a vision of best practices based in reflexive pedagogy through mentorship of graduate students. At the heart of this work are the pedagogical moves of the teachers who weave together theory and practice through the enactment of curriculum.


Published on 4/22/2013

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