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Upcoming Events

125th Anniversary Steering Committee

Our dedicated members of the 125th Anniversary Steering Committee have been contributing their time, expertise and guidance toward creating stellar events, a standout marketing campaign, and a compelling mini-moments video series for our anniversary celebration. Comprised of Teachers College Trustees, alumni, students, senior leadership and staff, and faculty, this group has earned our lasting gratitude for its superb work.

Thurston Atkins
John Barkat
Lynn Canaan
Catherine Embree
William Epps
Scott Fahey
Susan Fuhrman
Debra Heinrich
Jill Iscol
Thomas James
Danielle Moss Lee
Robert McClintock
Suzanne Murphy
Gary Natriello
Vijayshree "Shonu" Pande
Vikash Reddy
William Rueckert
Marla Schaefer
Cynthia Sculco
Milbrey "Missie" Rennie Taylor
Sue Ann Weinberg