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Professor Jeffrey Henig

Jeffrey Henig is Professor of Political Science and Education and Chair of TC's Department of Education Policy and Social Analysis. To learn more about Professor Henig, read:

To read more about the Department of Education Policy and Social Analysis, read:

Premiered on 3/18/2013

About the Series

In "Mini Moments with Big Thinkers," leading figures in Teachers College's history discuss groundbreaking ideas, research and initiatives born at the College during the past half-century. The Mini Moments are drawn from the College’s Oral History Project, a collection of more than 90 videotaped interviews conducted by Melanie Shorin and Jessica Wiederhorn, the principals of The Narrative Trust, a private firm that conducts and captures the oral histories of institutions, communities and individuals. Produced in conjunction with TC’s Department of Development and External Affairs, the Mini-Moments are airing throughout 2013.

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