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Residential Communications
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Residential Communication

Getting Connected

Getting Connected to the Network

For Ethernet connection through a jack on the wall ("hard wire"), you need an Ethernet Cable. Plug one end of the Ethernet Cable into the jack and the other end in to your computer. If wireless signal is available, it is called TCWiFi

Windows Update: Run Windows update regularly (at least once a week) to prevent hackers from compromising your system.

Mac System Update: You should accept the periodic prompts to update the MAcOS system software.

Purchasing Computer Network Accessories

Computer Network Accessories can be purchased from any computer store. The following are suggested.
Teachers College Telecom:

You can purchase Ethernet cable from the TC telecom office in 54 Thorndike .(x3456, Office Hours: M-F 9am - 5pm)
B&H Photo-Video, Inc.: 
420 9th Avenue (between 33rd St & 34th St), tel:  212-444-6700 , Hours: Mon-Thu 9-7, Fri 9-2, Sun 10am-5pm

Best Buy:
1880 Broadway 62nd St.: tel: 212-246-9734     

105 West 125th Street, Harlem: te: 212-864-5747 , Hours: M-F 7am to 8pm, S 10-7, S 11-6

Radio Shack:
2818 Broadway, between 108th and 109th St.: tel: 212-662-7332

Finding the Ethernet and Wireless MAC (Physical Address)

The Physical address is exactly 12 hexadecimal numbers. Any leading zeroes are significant. You can also obtain the hardware address by doing the following:
For PC/Windows 2000/XP:
Click on the  Start button, choose Run, and  type cmd. This will bring you up to a dark DOS window. Type ipconfig /all
C:\documents and Settings\class>ipconfig/all
Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
Physical Address............:00-00-F4-DA-1E-19
IP Address.......................: 160.39.xx.yy
Default Gateway.............. 160-39.xx.1

Your Eternet Hardware Address should appear in the Physical Address field.
For Windows 7:
Click Start, Type "cmd" At the DOS prompt, Type ipconfig / all. or getmac
For MAC OS X Computer:
From the Apple pull-down menu, choose System preferences-> Network select Built In Ethernet from the Show:  Choose Ethernet, the 12 digit Hardware Address will show in the filed.