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Teachers College, Columbia University
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General Information > Directory Assistance, Repairs and Billing Information

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General Information

Directory Assistance, Repairs and Billing Information


  • Dial x 3000, then press * to access our dial-by-name or dial-by department feature
  • Use the on-line directory on the TC webpage (
  • Faculty and staff directories are available through the Duplicating Office , 36 Zankel
  • For On-Campus numbers (after normal business hours), use the dial-by-name feature on x3000
  • For Columbia University information, dial 71 + 4 + 1754
  • For Off-Campus local numbers (New York City), dial 9-555-1212
  • For Off-Campus long distance numbers, dial 9,1, area code, 555-1212
  • Dial 9,0,0 to reach a long distance operator, anytime


  • For  repairs during normal business hours, Monday - Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.) x3456.
  • For  repairs after normal business hours, dial x3456 leave a detailed voice message for the telecom helpdesk.
  • For telephone installations, removals, or changes in features, including the addition or deletion of voice mail service, fill out a Telephone Service Request Form and return it to 54 Thorndike Hall. (This form is also available at this site).


Located in the Document Services Center, 34 Zankel; receiving fax number is 212-678-4048

  • For further information, call x3403
*BILLING INFORMATION -Please Read Carefully
The Office Of Telecommunications tracks all outgoing calls from each extension.  Please contact the office for a copy of your most recent bill. We will email it to you within 3 business days. If you have a billing discrepency, please bring it to our attention.  If the billing error is due to a mistake on our part we will credit your account, as long as you notify us within 2 months of the date of the bill.

Collect calls and third party calls can not be charged to any extension at the College.
Please notify the Telecommunications Office whenever telephone users change (arrivals, departures, moves), even if no work is needed. This will help us keep our records accurate.

 Long Distance Carrier
Teachers College provides telephone service with a college owned PBX.  We can not offer a choice of long distance carriers to the campus community. We have chosen a carrier that provides the best rates for the largest population.  DO NOT call a long distance provider and request to have your phone number changed to their service.  This causes administrative billing problems. You will be held responsible for all charges incurred plus a $20 service fee