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Services For Doctoral Students

Do you live far away from TC?  Are you finding your transportation and/or mailing costs overwhelming?  Is there really a need to come to Teachers College only to put a copy of your draft in your sponsor's mailbox?  Are you just too busy juggling kids, job, and other responsibilities?

Let TC's Document Services take care of the legwork for you.  At any stage in the dissertation process, from proposal to the very end, we can print your drafts or final copies out and have them delivered to your faculty member. 

Dear Doctoral Candidate

Dear Doctoral Candidate,

We want to make your life easier, especially if you live far away from TC.

Teachers College Document Services can help simplify the logistics of completing your dissertation, we are able to help you in the following ways:

Proposal and draft stage:  Forget Fedexing your work to all the members of your committee. We can print and distribute copies to any committee member on the TC or Columbia main campus.  Our printing rates are competitive, click here to see black and white or color printing costs), and you would eliminate all those extra mailing charges.  We guarantee delivery to your committee by the following business day.  (If you need a copy mailed to a professor not on campus, those charges will be added to the cost.) and you would eliminate all those extra mailing charges.  We guarantee delivery to your committee by the following business day.  (If you need a copy mailed to a professor not on campus, those charges will be added to the cost.)

Post defense stage (Ed.D.):  Ed.D. dissertations must be reviewed by the doctoral secretary, then corrections must be made by the candidate before final submission.  If you're not able to come in (because you live in, say, Idaho or Australia), we can print out your file and deliver it to ODS and/or your advisor for final approval, then we can pick up the work, made  PDF of the secretary's recommendations, and email that PDF to you.  (ODS would still have to mail you the required forms that you receive at this stage of the process.)

Post defense stage (Ph.D.):  Ph.D. dissertations need approval from your advisor, then a review form the Ph.D. secretary, and finally submission to the doctoral office at Low Library on the Columbia campus.  For those who live far away, we can print your file and get it to your advisor; after approval, we can deliver your final copies to Low Library.

Final submission:  Don't bother to shop around for rag bond paper.  It;'s right here at Document Services.  We can print the required number of copies and deliver them to the appropriate office (ODS for Ed.D.'s and Low Library for Ph.D's).

Want to print it yourself?  you can still purchase the rag bond from us @ $15/ream, which is cheaper than you will find it elsewhere.

Personal copies:  Document Services offers binding for your personal use (suitable for display on coffee tables, proof to family members that you're [finally] done, tokens of appreciation to your sponsor, fulfillment of a promise your data collections site, etc.).  The covers are navy blue or black and are imprinted with either a TC logo) for Ed.D.'s) or a Columbia logo (for Ph.D.'s) depending on where the degree is awarded.  Proquest also offers a binding service.  The main differences are as follows:

 TC Document Services
$15 per binding, with printing cost
according to length of work
One price regardless of size: $__ at
graduation, $66 thereafter
Printing on cover
Name and date printed on front of
cover for additional cost:  $100 for up
to 3 covers; $5 for each cover
Printing name and title on spine
part of above fee; no other
identification of your institution
Paper Author's choice:  plain paper at no
extra cost or rag bond @ .025 per
Plain paper only
Full size
About 60% of full size
Print quality
Printed directly from hard copy of your
file; single-sided; printing in color if
All black and white, printed from
microfiche of original; double sided,
with page numbers of "back sides"
printing into the margin

Submitting your work:  Work may be submitted as an email attachment (see below), by mailing a CD or flash drive (to Box 192 at Teachers college, 525 W. 120 Street, NYC  10027), or - if you come in person - from a CD or flash drive, or by calling up a file in your email.

Contacting us;  We can be contacted by phone (212-678-3703), by email (, or by coming in to Room 34 Zankel Building Monday through Thursday 9-7 or Friday, from 9 to 6.

Payment:  Payment must be made by credit or debit card.* (You  may request an estimate for the work beforehand.) Either email your credit card information, or if you are hesitant about doing that, you may call us and give the number and expiration date.  If you don't want to share this with "just anyone," ask for "the manager"

*If you are at the College, you may also pay by cash or check at the Student Accounts Office.  Document Services only accepts credit/debit card payments.

Finally:  We look forward to helping you through the final stages of your doctoral work.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Robert J. Schwarz
Manager, Document Services

Hard Cover Binding


The Teachers College Duplicating Center can provide you with the binding you have been looking for.  The nay blue or black binders featuring the Teachers college log can hold up to 350 pages each of the 20 lb. 25% cotton rag content paper prescribed by the Office of Doctoral Studies.  Longer dissertations will have to be bound in two volumes, or copied double-sided.

the gold design of the binder cover can be seen by clicking here if you're receiving an Ed.D. or here if you're receiving a Ph.D.  Your name and the date of graduation can also be imprinted on the cover, but this personalization rate raises the cost considerably - and if we must send the job out, so it takes about 2 weeks longer. If you have had your dissertation printed elsewhere, you may bring/send it to be bound (remember that it may not fit in the largest binding if it is over 350 pages).

Costs are as follows:

Binding per volume (navy blue or black with gold logo imprint)
Copying per page

Copy costs vary depending on number of copies being made -
The more you copy, the lower the per page cost.

link to pricing page
 Rag bond paper
 2 1/2¢ per sheet
 Name/Date imprinted on cover
 $100 for up to three covers
$5 for each additional cover
Shipping by US priority mail  or Fedex Ground.
Depends on with and distance from New York, We would have to notify you of the mailing cost by phone or email.

In addition, we are required to charge 8.375% NYS sales tax on all but the shipping costs.

Remember that the copies received from University Microfilms are not full-sized and are printed on regular white bond, not rag bond.

To arrange for any of our services:

  • Call Duplicating at 212-678-3703 or email us at
  • Send your dissertation with instructions to Box 192, Teachers College, Columbia University, new York, NY  10027.
  • Bring your work to us at Room 34 in the basement, Arthur Zankel Building, Teachers College, 525 West 120th Street, NYC.  We are open from 9-7 M-Th, 9-6 F (9-4 on F in the summer).
  • We can print from your hard copy, a flash drive, a CD, and even a floppy disk, but you will have to give us any special instructions.
  • We do not use Macs, so its possible fonts and graphics will not be stable. The best bet is to save you work as a PDS and send or bring that to us.

Sorry, we're closed on weekends.