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Office of Doctoral Studies
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Office of Doctoral Studies

Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Marilyn Audain

Contact for information about:

Certification Secretary
(212) 678-4059

  • Ed.D. Program Plan
  • Ed.D. Statement of Total Program
  • Ed.D. Change of Program Plan
  • Ed.D. Certification

Gary Ardan

Contact for information about:
Assistant Manager, Ph.D. Students
(212) 678-3365
  • Ph.D. General Information
  • Ph.D. Program Plan
  • Ph.D. Statement of Total Program
  • Ph.D. Advanced Seminar
  • Ph.D. Proposals
  • Ph.D. Defenses
  • Dissertation Advisement (8900 courses)
  • TI 8900 (Ph.D. Defense)
Karen Johnson-Kelly
Contact for information about:
Office of Enrollment Services 
(212) 678-3497
  • Participation in commencement exercises

Russell Gulizia
Contact for information about:
Manager of the Office of Doctoral Studies
(212) 678-4060
  • Extension of Certification Period
  • Ed.D. Doctoral Dissertation abstracts & publishing procedures
  • Personal Exemptions & Waivers
  • Appeals
  • Ed.D. General Questions
  • Ed.D. Defense Forms
  • Certification Exam
  • Doctoral Studies Forms
  • Ed.D. Dissertation Proposals
  • Assignment of fourth reader for dissertation