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Insurance and Immunization Records
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Insurance and Immunization Records

Office of Student Affairs

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important waiver information

Any student that is automatically enrolled in the Gold level of Columbia Student Medical Insurance plan may request to waive coverage by the deadline by completing the waiver form online in myTC Portal, For the 2014 - 2015 academic year, the deadlines to submit waiver requests are Tuesday, September 16, 2014 for continuing and new students entering in the fall and Tuesday, February 3, 2015 for new students entering in the spring.

PLEASE NOTE: A valid waiver request must be submitted each year during the fall semester by the specified deadline to substitute other comparable coverage for the Columbia Student Medical Insurance Plan.

Even if you plan to waive participation in the Columbia Student Medical Insurance Plan because you currently have comparable coverage, you are strongly encouraged to review the coverage your current plan offers and contrast it with the coverage provided by the Columbia Student Medical Insurance Plan, which has been designed specifically for students. For Information about comparing plans and details of benefits and costs see the 2013-2014 brochures and guides.

Waiver Request Submission Deadlines

Fall 2014
Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Spring 2015
Tuesday, February 3, 2015
(new students only)

How to Submit a Waiver Request

The option to enroll in, upgrade, or request a waiver in the Columbia Plan for 2014-2015 is available via the myTC portal mid-July 2014. Click here for instructions to enroll, upgrade, or request a waiver. All requests are considered but are not guaranteed approval. All waiver requests must be processed after registration.

Criteria for Comparable Alternate Medical Insurance Coverage

Students interested in requesting a waiver of automatic enrollment in the Columbia Student Medical Insurance Plan must document comparable coverage in another insurance plan.

Insurance plans offered by carriers not licensed in the U.S. DO NOT meet the University's waiver criteria. If you feel your non-U.S. plan does satisfy all the requirements you should be prepared to provide plan documents translated into English with currency amounts converted into U.S. dollars.

Your alternate coverage must meet the following four criteria to be considered comparable. Please review your insurance plan to determine whether it meets all of the following criteria:

National coverage for routine, urgent and emergent care for both medical and mental health services, including substance abuse. If traveling internationally for school-related purposes (study abroad, research at a Global Center, etc.) the policy must also provide coverage outside the US for routine, urgent, and emergent care.
2. All plans must meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act including, but not limited to, coverage for pre-existing conditions, coverage minimum & maximums, and deductibles.  This applies to international plans in addition to domestic plan offerings.
3. Coverage must be effective no later than September 1 of each academic year (January 20, 2015 for new Spring Term enrollees). For students completing a program of study in this academic year the coverage must extend through the end of the month of formal program completion (e.g. end of May for spring graduates).  For continuing students the coverage extends for entire school year, including summers. Coverage will remain in force while a registered student, including during approved leave of absence for medical reasons and non-degree status at Columbia University.

Insurance plan is licensed to do business in the United States.  We strongly recommend your plan have a U.S.-based claims office and a U.S. telephone number, or a U.S.-based claims agent so local hospitals and providers can contact the carrier to discuss care and bill directly.

Columbia Health Fee

The Columbia Health Fee is mandatory for all living in TC residence halls and all students registered for 12 or more billable credits in the Fall or Spring term, regardless of the type of insurance coverage carried. This fee cannot be waived. The Columbia Health Fee is applied during the Fall and Spring semester on an annual basis. For additional questions about the Columbia Health Fee, please refer to our FAQs.