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Internal Survey Summaries

New Admit Survey

The Admitted Student Survey is conducted annually to assess the enrollment motivations and behaviors of students admitted to Teachers College.  The survey results provide important demographic, program, and degree information about the admitted student population.  This survey benefits TC in several ways.  In addition to gaining awareness about the profile of who is admitted and who ultimately enrolls each year, the questions provide insights into what admitted students look for when choosing where to attend graduate school and how well TC is performing on metrics most valued by students.  The responses allow the TC community to gain a better understanding of why students choose to enroll at TC, and why they do not.  These results provide TC with evidence based areas for improvement and confirmation of success in other areas. Please continue to check this site for updated information and results from the Admitted Student Survey.

For more information, please e-mail the Associate Director of Enrollment Management, Haley Rosenfeld.