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Pre-College Program (PCP)
Teachers College, Columbia University
Teachers College
Columbia University

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Pre-College Program (PCP)

Teachers College, Columbia University

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About Us

Pre-College Program (PCP)

PCP (Pre-College Program) was first established in 1993 by Dr. Cheng Davis at University of Pennsylvania, making it indeed one of the finest pre-college programs with the longest history at an Ivy League university. In 2009, Teachers College, Columbia University started to host the PCP program and its students to continue the program legacy.

Ever since its founding, the PCP program has sought to provide a unique opportunity for promising high school students from China to understand and live an authentic learning experience at a leading American university. It is a seven-month program composed of summer and fall semester. Students either board on campus or reside in well-equipped educational service buildings. Throughout the program, students have robust academic curriculum offered by experienced PCP program instructors to continuously improve their language proficiency, polishing their skills in academic reading, writing and public speaking, which are all essential success factors at the undergraduate level in an American university. At the same time, the program has experienced college counselors who help students better familiarize with college application procedure, track their application process and most importantly understand the right fit, via group session and individualized counseling 

Beyond the invigorating academic program, students gain an enriching experience at Columbia University by fully participating in a wide range of college-level activities. Students observe Columbia College courses, attend college-level symposiums and workshops, maximizing their two-semester experience at Columbia. Living in the most diversified cosmopolitan city in the world – New York City, students also discover the wonders through arts, theatre, architecture, and history that this great city has generously offered.

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