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Pre-College Program (PCP)
Teachers College, Columbia University
Teachers College
Columbia University

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Pre-College Program (PCP)

Teachers College, Columbia University

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Student Housing Rules

The Pre-College Program (PCP) allows students the opportunity to live with a roommate within a real university dormitory setting. All students are guided by carefully selected Teachers College Community Assistants (CAs) and are supervised by the PCP Coordinator and other PCP staff members. CAs arrange weekly hall meetings and activities to help foster community among PCP students. CAs become very important resources and friends for students throughout the program. As part of Pre-College Program and residence of Teachers College, students are required to follow the dormitory rules listed below.

Program rules will be sent to each admitted applicant for review. Each student is required to sign a pledge to obey by the rules. (Click here for Student's Pledge.)

Curfew Rules and Expectations

Curfew is 9:30 PM Sunday-Thursday nights
Weekend Curfew is 10:00 PM, Friday and Saturday nights

  • Curfew is mandatory for all students. 
  • Students are expected to be in his/her rooms for a curfew check-in.  The CA on duty must have visual and verbal confirmation that the resident is in his/her room. 
  • Once the CA on duty has checked a resident in, the resident is free to leave the floor but MUST NOT leave the residence hall building.
  • No guests are allowed in a resident's rooms after curfew. 
  • All overnight guests and overnight stays must be approved by PCP staff.  Forms will be made available by the CA and must be approved prior to the arrival of a guest. 
  • All students 18 years and older who are more than 15 minutes late for curfew checks will be marked accordingly.  Lateness will affect students "college readiness" grade.
  • Students under 18 years-old will have all missed/late curfews reported. 
o    The first tardy of 30 minutes or more will result in a verbal warning. 
o    The second tardy of 30 minutes or more will result in a written warning and will be reported to their parents.
o    The third tardy of 30 minutes or more will result in official sanction and students may be subject to expulsion from the Program. 
o    The PCP reserves the right to assess each situation on a case-by-case basis and may take more serious action on the first offense. 

Room Cleanliness and Room Safety Requirements

Room Cleanliness
  • Each student is responsible for cleaning his/her room
  • Trash must be taken out regularly
  • Beds should be made each morning
  • Floors should be clear at all times
  • Bathroom tub, sink, and toilet must be cleaned regularly
  • Refrigerator must be cleaned out regularly; perishable food stuffs discarded once expired
  • Common areas (i.e., kitchen and study rooms) must be kept clean
Room Safety/Prohibited items
  • NO Prohibited Appliances
  • NO Improper use of outlets
  • DO NOT Block Windows/Exit
  • NO Incense/Candles
  • NO Halogen Lamps
  • HAVE Required # of Shower Curtains

NOTE: Rooms will be randomly inspected for cleanliness and safety once a month by CAs. If a room does not meet the above requirements, occupants will be given two days to bring the room up to code. A second inspection will be conducted after the two allotted days. If the room is not up to code by the second inspection, this will be reflected in students' "college readiness" grade.