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Pre-College Program (PCP)
Teachers College, Columbia University
Teachers College
Columbia University

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Pre-College Program (PCP)

Teachers College, Columbia University

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Student Life


   Program Activities

Along with academic classes, the Program offers activities that will help prepare students apply to top-tier colleges and universities for life in the U.S. These activities include field trips, special holiday celebrations, college tours, and volunteering experience.

    Student Self-organized Activities

The Teachers College campus is located in a rich and vibrant community and students are encouraged to explore the surrounding neighborhood during their free time. Being able to explore the neighborhood contributes to the overall learning experience. Weekend activities provide opportunities to relax, interact with the Columbia University community, and attend to personal requirements.

Sports, fitness, and gym membership: Students are encouraged to access the Columbia University Dodge Fitness Center located at 119th St and Broadway. (Membership and some additional fees will be required for use of the facilities.)

On-campus events and activities: Events held on the Columbia University campus can be found here.

Off-campus events: A list of current performing arts events, sports events, tours, dining, and nightlife can be found at this New York City visitor's web page:

    Personal Activities Away from Campus

Before students make any travel plans requiring an overnight stay, they must notify the Program staff in writing and complete the required travel form. The form must be submitted at least 24 hours prior to the trip--a precaution to ensure the students' safety. Failure to submit the required form for overnight stay will be considered a safety violation, and may result in disciplinary consequences, such as expulsion from the Program and deportation from the United States. Please see Personal Safety Tips for more information on safety and security.

Please click here for a copy of the Travel Consent Form.