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Alumni Surveys

Teachers College collects data from graduating students and alumni through two periodic surveys.
  • Career Services Graduate Survey: Issued annually to all graduating students in May, by the Office of Career Services, and designed to monitor job placements by degree, department, academic program, and salary range.



2010 Graduate Survey
2009 Graduate Survey
2008 Graduate Survey
  • Alumni Feedback Survey: Since 2008, the Office of Accreditation and Assessment has surveyed alumni once every three years on their post-graduation activities and perspective on TC preparation for and contribution to their professional and personal lives.



2011 Professional Education Programs |
Full Report*
2008 Professional Education Programs

*Report is in progress; please check back for this material.

Did You Know?

  • Satisfied Alumni

    bound to make an impact - graduate interviewAccording to the most recent Alumni Feedback Survey, 94% of alumni felt that their Teachers College programs adequately or more than adequately prepared them for their current job.
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