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Student Surveys

Students are surveyed a number of times during their time at Teachers College.  

New Students

Matriculated Students

Student Teachers

  • Student Teacher Feedback: All student teachers completing their placements are asked for feedback each fall and spring. The Office of Accreditation and Assessment administers this survey. Click on a link below for a specific year's report.

Residents of Campus Housing

Graduating Students

  • Teachers College Exit Survey: Annual survey of all graduating students issued in May by the Office of Accreditation and Assessment. It is designed to solicit feedback on what graduating students value most in their educational experience and on how well the College and individual programs have met their expectations.



2012-13 Master's Summary 
Doctoral Summary 
2010-11 Master's Summary Coming Soon 
Doctoral Summary Coming Soon
2009 Summary 
2008 Summary 
2006 Summary

Did You Know?

  • Program Enrollment

    4 studentsIn the 2009-10 school year, 1030 candidates enrolled in the school professional preparation programs at Teachers College. In 2010-11, the number of candidates grew to 1302: 810 in initial teacher education programs, 238 in advanced teaching programs, and 254 in advanced programs for other school professionals.
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