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Student Development and Activities
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Student Development and Activities

Office of Student Affairs

Consumer Information

The College is required to notify students about where they can find certain information which must be disclosed under federal and state law.  A table of contents of these required disclosures is presented below, including direct links to each specific item. We encourage you to scan the list below and follow the links to items of interest.

TC Policy Library

Student Handbook

Academic Catalog

Privacy of Student Records (FERPA)
TC Policy Library, Student Records and Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Statement

Services for Students with Disabilities
Office of Access and Services for Individuals with Disabilities (OASID)

Student Diversity – About TC; TC at a Glance

Refund Policy Catalog – Registration

Withdrawal Policy

TC Policy Library, Withdrawal from Classes

Transfer of Credit Policies
TC Policy Library, Transfer Credit


Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Deterrence Plan

TC Policy Library, Copyright - Penalties for Violation

Copyright Infringement - Policy and Sanctions
TC Policy Library, Copyright

Accreditation & Licensure of Institution & Programs
TC Policy Library, Accreditation

Instructional Facilities
– Academic Resources & Services

Academic Programs
Catalog – Academic Departments & Programs

Degrees Available
Catalog – Academic Departments & Programs

List of TC Faculty – Academics; Faculty Information

Student Affairs
Office of Student Affairs

Career Services

Office of Career Services

Student Outcomes

Student Financial Services

Cost of Attendance

Office of Financial Aid

Return of Federal Aid

Office of Financial Aid

Student Loan Information
Office of Financial Aid

Types of Loans
Office of Financial Aid

Assistance Available from Federal, State, and Local Programs - Prospective Students  
Office of Financial Aid

Assistance Available from Federal, State, and Local Programs - Current Students 
Office of Financial Aid

Assistance Available from Institutional Programs
Office of Financial Aid

Federal Student Financial Aid Penalties for Drug Law Violations
TC Policy Library, Suspension of Financial Aid Eligibility for Drug Offenses

Health and Safety

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention
Handbook -
Office of Student Affairs

Alcohol and Drug Health Effects – Services; Alice

Student Drug & Alcohol Policy
TC Policy Library, Drug-Free Campus

Fire Safety Report
Office of Public Safety – Annual Report, p. 38

Campus Public Safety (CleryAct) Report
Office of Public Safety

Health and Immunization Record Policy
Handbook, p
. 31-35 - Office of Student Affairs

Missing Student Policy
TC Policy Library, Missing Students

Campus Crime Reporting and Statistics
Office of Public Safety – Annual Report, p. 9-10



TC Grievance Procedures
TC Policy Library, Grievance Procedures Outline (General Counsel)

Complaints about Colleges and Universities
TC Policy Library, NY State Procedures (General Counsel)

Preventing Sexual and Gender Discrimination, Harassment & Sexual Assault - Title IX Compliance

Teachers College – Title IX

Teachers College Policy on Protection from Harassment

TC Policy Library, Protection from Harassment

Columbia University Gender-Based Misconduct Policies and Procedures for Students

Columbia University Student Services for Gender-Based and Sexual Misconduct 


Additional Information

Voter Registration Resources:

·         NY State []

·         Rock The Vote


You are also entitled to request a hard copy of any item listed above by contacting the office identified.