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Civility Policies > Gender-Based Misconduct Policy for Students

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Gender-Based Misconduct Policy for Students

Gender-Based Misconduct Policy for Students

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Gender-Based Misconduct Policies for Students

Columbia University, Barnard College, and Teachers College are committed to providing a learning environment free from gender-based discrimination and harassment. As such, the University does not tolerate any kind of gender-based discrimination or harassment, which includes sexual assault, sexual harassment, and gender-based harassment. The University community is committed to fostering a healthy and safe environment in which every member of the community can realize her or his fullest potential.
Gender-based misconduct is a serious concern on college campuses throughout the country. To address this problem, the University provides educational and preventive programs, services for individuals who have been impacted by gender-based and sexual misconduct, and accessible, prompt, and equitable methods of investigation and resolution.
Students who believe they have been subjected to gender-based discrimination or harassment are encouraged to report these incidents. Upon receiving a report, the University will respond promptly, equitably, and thoroughly. In addition, the University will take steps to prevent the recurrence of the discrimination or harassment and correct its effects, if appropriate.