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Internal Survey Summaries

Student Satisfaction Survey

The Student Satisfaction Survey, which has been conducted annually for the past 14 years, is currently completed by students online.  Students are sent a live Web link to the survey generally at the end of the fall semester or beginning of the spring semester via e-mail.  The survey consists of three main sections:  the first section contains questions which ask students about their overall satisfaction with the College.  The second section contains similar questions more specific to students' academic departments and their programs of study.  The third section contains questions pertaining to students' employment/enrollment status, their commute to the College, and their use of athletic facilities; this final section ends with two open-ended questions which ask students what one thing about TC they are most pleased with and what one thing they feel TC most needs to improve.

For more information, please e-mail the Assistant Director of Institutional Studies, Jessie Ostrow.