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Office of the Registrar
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Office of the Registrar

FAQ > Registration


Where do I register?

You can register online through the Student Information System at using your UNI and UNI password or in-person in the Office of the Registrar in 324 Thorndike.

How do I register for courses at Columbia University main campus, Union Theological Seminary, or Jewish Theological Seminary?

Please see the Cross Registration page for complete details.  You can register for most Columbia courses just as you would for courses at Teachers College using the Columbia five-digit call number in place of the CRN through the myTC Portal.  Continuing TC students can begin to register for Columbia courses approximately 2-3 weeks after online registration begins.  If you receive an error message stating that the CRN does not exist, please send the Registrar’s Office a written registration request. Include as much information on the course as possible so that we can place you in the appropriate section; Columbia’s call number, the section title, subject, course number, and section number will suffice. Also be sure to sign your request. You can fax your request to (212) 678-3005; mail it to 525 W. 120th St. Box 311, New York, NY 10027; or drop it off in 324 Thorndike.

Is tuition the same for courses at Columbia University main campus, Union Theological Seminary, or Jewish Theological Seminary?

No, tuition is different for courses at these institutions.  Please visit this page for more information.

I received an error message when I tried to register; there is a time conflict between two classes that I would like to take. What should I do?

TC does not allow registration in courses whose times conflict. Please select one of the classes only. If you believe that the time conflict message is an error, contact the Registrar’s Office; please be prepared to give the five-digit CRN’s and course numbers when you call.

The registration period has ended, and I need to register for a course. What can I do?

Students are normally not allowed to register for most term classes after the add/drop period. Under truly exceptional circumstances, the Registrar may approve a late registration. Students who believe their circumstances warrant an exception to the registration policy should prepare a signed petition letter explaining their situation; in addition to their own petition, students must submit a signed note from the course instructor indicating the instructor’s approval of the late registration. If the registration is approved, a $100 late registration fee will be assessed.

How do I request a transcript?

I cannot continue taking a course. How do I withdraw from it?

You may withdraw from a course online through the student information. During the add/drop period for a term, please select the option to “Web Drop” the course. After the add/drop period, select the option to “web withdraw.”

You will receive a 100% refund of tuition during the add/drop period only. Once the add/drop period ends, your tuition refund will be pro-rated according to withdrawal date. Please see this page for a current term withdrawal schedule. In addition, after the registraton period, course withdrawals are recorded as a “WD” grade on the transcript.

Withdrawals and refunds for special-date courses (i.e., those whose dates do not correspond to regular term dates) are handled differently. You may withdraw from a special-date course and receive a full tuition refund up until the date on which the course begins. However, once the course begins, no tuition refunds are given at all. Before the special-date course begins, you can withdraw online or in writing to the Office of the Registrar. After the course has begun, you can only withdraw by writing the Registrar’s Office.

My student loans went into repayment, but I am enrolled half-time. What should I do?

You can print the Enrollment Verification Form and fax to (212) 678-3005.