Area Of Study

Educational Technology & Digital Media

Our educational technology and digital media programs target students seeking to innovate and lead the field of information and communication technologies in schools and other diverse learning communities. Each program has a unique focus, but shares common scholarly perspectives, educational ideals, and strong commitments to the improvement of society through adaption and innovations in technology.

Program curriculum culls from an extensive list of faculty members from all subject areas and interests. The programs provide a comprehensive understanding of the cultural and historical implications of new technologies on education and life, and a high priority is placed on group work, fieldwork, and internships, as well as intensive online courses.

Prepared with the skills to purposefully select and shape the uses of new media in educational practice, graduates go on to successful careers as technology specialists in schools, software and web application designers, educators, and take on leadership positions in academic computing centers and informational services for education departments in higher education.

Applied Statistics


      Computing in Education (Distance Learning)

        Design and Development of Digital Games

          Instructional Technology and Media

            Learning Analytics

              Measurement and Evaluation

                Technology Specialist

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